UPDATE: The Challenge is now finished! See below for info on the Reward packs.

Tonight at 8PM ET we’ll find out the full 2022 NFL schedule… And we’re celebrating with a Challenge!

Here’s your chance to score an exclusive Rewind Reward pack featuring a guaranteed Rare Moment – your first opportunity to ensure you get your hands on Moments that we curated to celebrate the first 12 weeks of the 2021 season before the launch of NFL ALL DAY.

Complete the Challenge, and you’ll also get entered win tickets to a 2022 NFL regular-season game of your choice. (U.S. games only, 18+, void where prohibited; see official rules for details)

FIND OUT HOW on the Challenge page.

Each pack will come with three Moments, including:

  • A guaranteed Rare Moment from one of the following players and teams: Aaron Rodgers (Packers), Keenan Allen (Chargers), Ezekiel Elliott (Cowboys), DJ Moore (Panthers), Josh Allen (Jaguars) or the New England Patriots (team melt)
  • A guaranteed ALL DAY Debut OR Rookie Mint Common Moment from Weeks 1-12 of the 2021 NFL season
  • A third Common Moment from Weeks 1-12 of the 2021 NFL season

These six Rare Moment editions will be minted to the level of the sets they'll be in (i.e. "Locked In" editions will have a mint count of 1199) and are exclusively available in Rare Rewind Reward packs (they will not be available in regular pack drops). If we run more Challenges this offseason that feature Rare Rewind Rewards, any Moments left from these editions may be used.

As a reminder, Series 1 Rewind will feature some of the most thrilling Moments from Weeks 1-12 of the 2021 NFL season – before the launch of the NFL ALL DAY closed beta. We’ll hold three Rewind pack drops this offseason, but as you can see, that won’t be the only way we’ll be getting these epic Moments to fans.

Some will be distributed as part of Challenge Reward packs and  some will be airdropped to community members along with the previously-communicated distribution of Series 1 Common Moments from Weeks 13-18. We thank you for your patience as we are actively building our airdrop feature.

As always, thank you so much for your support of NFL ALL DAY – we’re continually amazed by our community of NFL fans! Getting these Rewind Moments in your hands will help capture all the excitement from the 2021 NFL season and unlock new opportunities for Moment gameplay as we approach the next season!

Updated May 12 11 PM ET with more information on the six Rare Moments included in the Rare Rewind Reward packs.