New Year's is a time for celebration, and we're doing our part on NFL ALL DAY.

Our super-limited 2023 Sendoff pack drop:

  • Includes just 1,000 total created packs
  • Features the return of the popular Rare celebration-themed set, Showtime - not seen since Series 1
  • Marks your last chance to score packs with guaranteed 2023 Dynamic player Moments (with Patrick Mahomes No. 1 serial Legendary included in Legendary packs!)

Packs will be available for pre-order from Fri., Dec. 29 through Tues., Jan. 2.

These packs are a chance to pull:

  • Rare Showtime collectibles featuring memorable celebrations from players like Deebo, Mostert and Keaton Mitchell
  • Rare and Legendary Dynamic collectibles from top stars like Mahomes, Dak and Tyreek and rookies like Bijan, Gibbs and Puka



  • 3 Rare (1/300) Moments, including 2 Showtime and 1 dynamic
  • 1% chance at a Legendary dynamic Moment
  • Open to all fans - order from Dec. 29-Jan. 2 (at least 400 packs available in public sale)
  • Special access presale: Collectors who owned a Series 1 Showtime set as of 1 PM ET on Thurs., Dec. 28, will receive exclusive guaranteed purchase link
  • See detailed contents here


  • 1 Legendary dynamic Moment with 10% chance at 2
  • 6 Rare (1/300) Moments, including 4 Showtime and 2 dynamic
  • Special access only: 185 packs for sale total - At least 115 packs will be available in a pre-order open to fans who own a Legendary dynamic Moment (as of 1 PM ET on Dec. 28); 70 fans who own a full Series 1 or 2 Legendary set (as of 1 PM ET on Dec. 28) will receive exclusive guaranteed purchase links
  • See detailed contents here

Editor's note: Updated 2:30 PM ET on Dec. 28 to reflect proper gate requirement for guaranteed Legendary pack purchase links.


Fans can get packs in two ways: by ordering them in our limited sale from Fri.-Tues. or burning Moments from your collection to earn packs starting Friday at 7:30 PM ET.


Packs will be available through a pre-order system from Friday through Tuesday - if fans request more packs than packs available, there will be a random drawing to determine which fans get packs. Fans will be refunded for any packs they don't get. We will prioritize each fan's first pack order before giving out multiple packs to any fans. All other pack orders will be prioritized equally. Want more packs? Request as many as you like, up to 25.

The Premium packs will be open to all fans, while the Legendary packs will only be open to fans who held at least 1 Legendary set as of 1 PM ET on Thurs., Dec. 28.

At least 115 Legendary packs will be available in the pre-order, with the other 70 reserved for exclusive guaranteed purchase links sent to collectors who own full Series 1 or 2 Legendary sets (as of 1 PM ET on Thurs., Dec. 28). Any packs not purchased through these links will be made available in the Legendary pre-order.


A portion of Legendary and Premium packs will be available through a Burn Playbook to be released at 7:30 PM ET on Fri., Dec. 29.

Burn Playbooks allow you to swap out old Moments from your collection to earn rewards - like packs! Stay tuned Friday to see what you'll need!

The Playbook will end at 1 AM ET on Sat., Dec. 30 - if not all packs are claimed, remaining packs will be made available for purchase in the pack sales. All packs earned through the Burn Playbook will be distributed along with packs from the pack sale on Tues., Jan. 2.


The Showtime set will be rolled out in a style you may recognize from other Dapper collectible products.

Three Moments from the set will be featured as Challenge rewards that you’ll earn through collecting and locking other Moments from the set.

  • Earn Justin Jefferson's Rare Showtime Moment by locking a prescribed group of 4 Moments featured in packs
  • Earn Ja'Marr Chase's Rare Showtime Moment by locking a different prescribed group of 4 Moments featured in packs
  • Earn Tyreek Hill's Rare Showtime Moment by locking the Jefferson and Chase reward Moments

What’s locking? Locking is a new mechanism drawn from other Dapper collectible products - when you lock a Moment, you cannot list it for sale or transfer it from your account. After a year has passed, you'll have full access to do whatever you want with the Moment again.

Locking right now will only engage with a small portion of NFL ALL DAY collectibles - including the new Launch Codes and Showtime sets, with certain Moments in the set available only by locking other Moments. If locking grows to target more collectibles, more details would come out defining how locking is being used.