Win or lose, NFL fans’ devotion to their teams is unparalleled. On NFL ALL DAY, we’ve sought to capture that diehard passion with our Team NFTs. 

Developed and released in partnership with individual NFL teams, Team NFTs are commemorative collectibles that give you a chance to rep your squad in style. Through distinctive visual designs and references to team history, each one helps capture what is special about the fan experience for each franchise.

Thus far, we’ve dropped Team NFTs with four different teams: the 49ers, Texans, Dolphins and Giants. We also released Conference Championship and Super Bowl NFTs that honored the Rams’ and Bengals’ momentous victories last season.

Next up: the Rams are bringing their Super Bowl LVI rings to NFL ALL DAY.

In partnership with the Los Angeles Rams, we’ll be releasing Super Bowl LVI Ring NFTs this Thursday, August 11 starting 1 PM ET.

This will be the first release in what we’re calling the “2nd Generation” of Team NFTs, which features some tweaks to the program that we hope will improve the experience and allow us to more smoothly integrate Team NFTs into NFL ALL DAY.

Going forward with Team NFT drops, we’ll be providing more structure that will help fans better understand them – and allow us to more easily incorporate them across NFL ALL DAY.

All Team NFTs released in coming months will be part of what we’re calling the “2nd Generation” of Team NFTs, which includes:

  • Certain visual elements that carry over across all teams’ releases
  • Standardized mint counts and rarity tiers

We’ll still have beautiful custom visuals uniquely designed to suit each team, but they’ll be displayed within a “container” visual found across all teams’ releases.

These containers will be colored to reflect the Tier of each NFT, which will allow you to quickly identify how many were released.

Mint Counts by Tier

Common - Graphite Container - 5000 mint count
Rare - Gold Container - 1000 mint count
Legendary - Holographic Container - 50 mint count

Throughout the 2022 NFL season, Team NFTs will carry with them a suite of exclusive perks on NFL ALL DAY:

  • Unique flair: Team NFT holders will be able to upgrade the team-specific banner in their user profile to a unique new visual that takes their account to the next level (visuals for each team will vary by tier of NFT)
  • Challenge utility: Team NFTs will be incorporated into at least two Challenges during the 2022 NFL season
  • Drop access: Legendary-tier Team NFT holders will receive early access to two specific pack drops in the second half of the 2022 NFL season
  • Perks Limited to Series 2: Challenge utility and exclusive drop access will exist only for the upcoming season; once Series 2 of NFL ALL DAY closes, both 1st- and 2nd-Generation Team NFTs will primarily be pure collectibles (vanity profile banners will remain accessible)

As we mentioned above, we previously released Team NFTs in tandem with several NFL teams. These releases will be considered the “1st Generation”, and we want to make clear how they’ll be incorporated into the segmenting and perks associated with Team NFTs going forward:

  • Though these prior NFTs were not originally released with explicit “tiers,” we’ll align them into the new tier framework as perks are rolled out
  • We will be as precise as possible ahead of each perk rollout, especially around Challenges and drop access, about how each of the 1st-generation NFTs fit
  • In determining which tier to assign for each previous release, we’ve considered both MSRP and edition size 
  • No collectible traits will be adjusted – the tier assignments will be used for the purpose of integration into NFL ALL DAY
  • Conference Championship and Super Bowl NFTs will also be integrated into this transition plan, with a slightly different approach based on their unique mint counts and team affiliations

What does all this mean?

For example, if a Challenge during the upcoming season requires a Rare Tier Team NFT from any given team, we will allow a 1st-Generation Team NFT that best fits that tier to satisfy the Challenge requirement. Decisions will be based on MSRP, mint counts, and larger context for NFL Challenges.

When rolling out any Challenges or other perks which make use of Team NFTs, we will take extra care to be clear about which specific NFTs qualify – especially with regard to the 1st-Generation NFTs for which the on-chain data will be different.