It's time for the stretch run on NFL ALL DAY.

Whether your fantasy team is competing for a title or long bowed out of the race, you can find a way to keep playing along with the NFL here.

Playbook is BACK.

Our rewards-based game mode on NFL ALL DAY will return for Week 13 with some major upgrades. (The Week 13 Playbooks will go live at 5 PM ET today, Nov. 30)


Each Playbook now features exclusive reward Moments, minted to demand and never released elsewhere.


With both Rookie and All-Pro Playbooks, every collector can carve a path to rewards. And you can always complete multiple Playbooks if you like!


Increased Challenge consistency week-over-week means you can separate yourself from the pack with your football knowledge.


We’re excited to bring some of the hottest new Moments to collectors in a brand new way.

For the first time ever, you can earn specific Moments exclusive to each Playbook - and minted based on the number of collectors who reach that yardage marker.

For example, rack up 50 yards in the Rookie Playbook for Week 13, and you’ll score A.J. Green’s leaping back-corner touchdown snag against the Rams. Khalil Mack’s incredible strip against Atlanta and Joe Mixon’s five-touchdown day vs. Carolina are up for grabs at the 75-yard and 100-yard mark in the All-Pro Playbook, respectively.

In Week 14, you’ll be able to earn Darrick Forrest’s diving sideline pick, Cordarrelle Patterson’s kick return touchdown and Justin Herbert’s 50-yard deep shot.

Each of those reward Moments will be minted for and released only through the Playbook in which they’re available.

That means you can pursue Playbook progress with confidence in the rewards you’ll earn, empowering you to make more educated decisions about when and how you play.

We know everyone also loves ripping packs for the surprise factor, though - don’t worry, you’ll still also be able to earn packs with unknown Moments inside.

Each week, we’ll have 5 total packs available across both difficulty levels of Playbook - all will feature a single Moment, with three being the specific Moments you know you’re getting and two featuring surprise pulls. You’ll be able to find more information in the pack descriptions on the Playbook page.

In all, you’ll see fewer reward Moments being distributed each week - we believe this is important for the long-term health of NFL ALL DAY. By minting Moments to demand, though, the mint count is in the community’s hands - and could lead to more desirable Moments. 


You can now pick the Playbook each week that best suits you and your collection - the Rookie Playbook or the All-Pro Playbook (or both!).

Both Playbooks still feature the game-centric Challenges you love, but the All-Pro Playbook will feature higher-level requirements and more Moments needed.

Each Playbook is a distinct path. As they include different plays, any yards gained and plays completed on Rookie Playbook will only apply for the Rookie Playbook, and any yards gained and plays completed on All-Pro Playbook will only apply for the All-Pro Playbook. You are welcome to complete both Playbooks and earn all the week's Rewards.


As we bring back Playbook, we’ll be making a strong effort to provide consistency for collectors - aiming for less change to Challenge requirements week over week.

We hope to quickly fall into a rhythm and consistent structure, where your focus can be predicting what happens in football, not what requirements we may throw at you in any given week.

After gathering feedback on our new Playbook structure, we expect to launch multi-week Leaderboards in the near future - once we do, we will not adjust Challenge requirements week-to-week throughout the duration of the leaderboards.


We’re continually experimenting and trying new things and you’ll see us keep doing so as we optimize our Playbook structure.

Whether it’s adding voting elements, or leaning into thematics, you’ll see us try new ways of engaging collectors and we’re excited to hear what you think!