It’s an exciting time on NFL ALL DAY. As we get set to launch to all NFL fans this fall, we’re incredibly appreciative of the closed-beta community that’s emerged and supported us in the effort so far.

Just seven months ago, we held our first pack drop, gated to a small first wave of closed-beta users. Since then, with your help, we’ve been able to stabilize the drop experience, open up an active marketplace and build the core of the product from which we can now start to focus even more on innovation and fun.

It’s been an ambitious push – we launched with a brand-new NFT smart contract, including a handful of items and details listed on-chain for the first time across Dapper products. And we wouldn’t be where we are without the support of our amazing community that’s been with us throughout that time.

Your feedback has been invaluable and will form the foundation for years of excitement to come on NFL ALL DAY.

So, as a small token of our appreciation…

This Tuesday, July 19, we’ll be airdropping Celebration packs to fans, with qualifications based on each fan’s total net spend (ranges below).

A fan’s net spend measures the sum of purchase prices for all NFTs they have bought across NFL ALL DAY (including packs, marketplace purchases and team NFTs), minus the sum of all sale prices for any NFTs they have sold. Our snapshot of net spend was taken at 3:45 PM ET on Tuesday, July 12.

NOTE: To receive your packs, you’ll have to complete identity verification by 5 PM ET on Monday, July 18. You can view the status of your identity check in the “Security” section of your Dapper Wallet here. For more on identity verification, click here.

If you qualify for the Celebration packs, you’ll receive an email by the end of the night letting you know – and telling you whether you still need to complete identity verification. If you think you ought to have qualified and do not receive an email, you can submit a Support ticket here.

Packs will be distributed in the following manner:

Fans with net spend of $250-999: 1 Celebration pack

Fans with net spend of $1,000-2,499: 2 Celebration packs

Fans with net spend of $2,500-4,999: 3 Celebration packs

Fans with net spend of $5,000-$9,999: 4 Celebration packs

Fans with net spend of $10,000 or more: 5 Celebration packs

As always, we’re focused on scarcity – it’s been a while since we’ve dropped new packs or Moments, and we’ve been careful with how we allot these. We’ll be distributing no more than 49,000 packs in total (final number pending identity verifications), each one containing three Moments.

The packs are stuffed with reserve Common Moments from Weeks 13-18 of the 2021 season, the first six weeks after the start of the closed beta.

That means each pack is a chance to pull a Debut Moment from some of the league’s most exciting players, like Ja’Marr Chase, Josh Allen and Justin Jefferson.

Featured Common Moments include top stars making history – T.J Watt tying the single-season sack record or Dak Prescott setting the Cowboys franchise mark for passing TDs – and showcasing incredible skills – Kyler Murray scrambling around to avoid a sack and firing downfield for a remarkable first down or Matthew Stafford uncorking a perfectly-placed cross-field pass to Cooper Kupp.