Here at NFL ALL DAY, we’re all about empowering collectors to express their fandom in ways that are meaningful to them. 

For some that may mean stacking the most iconic superstars, and for others it might mean collecting all the players on their favorite team. 

Some collection stories, however, are more unique, like the story of NFL ALL DAY user CWH812, who was able to collect not just a Moment from his beloved Jacksonville Jaguars, but a cherished personal memory as well.

Growing up along the northern Atlantic coast of Florida, CWH812 says he was a Jaguars fan from the very beginning of the team’s existence.

“This was mid-90s, so I was a kid just getting into football and Jacksonville was getting a new franchise…and I remember my mom taking me to one of the initial games, and from there I was hooked. So you could say I was a fan from really day one.”

By the 2005 NFL season, however, CWH812 had moved away to New York, and could only catch his favorite team in the years they were scheduled to play on the road against the Jets or Giants.

As luck would have it, the Jags were due to visit the Jets in Week 3 that season, and he began to look for tickets to the game.

“My now-wife, then-girlfriend at the time, I remember discussing (going to the game) with her…I was just looking for tickets myself, and to my surprise, my wife surprised me with the tickets.”

The game itself wound up a 26-20 overtime victory for Jacksonville, with promising young quarterback Byron Leftwich - one of CWH812’s favorite Jaguars of all-time - tossing the game-winning TD that’s now been immortalized on the blockchain thanks to NFL ALL DAY’s Historical Series.

Back on April 22, we released the first-ever Historical Series Moments on NFL ALL DAY with our Historical I: In The Spotlight drop, and that Byron Leftwich touchdown pass became one of the first Moments ever released in our Against the Clock set. 

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As CWH812 tells it, though, at first he was just excited to see that Leftwich was going to be in the drop at all, and hadn’t yet realized the significance of the Moment as it pertains to his own fandom. Eventually, he put it all together, realizing that not only was this a Moment featuring one of his favorite players, but that it came from the first NFL game he went to with his wife.

“I thought it would be cool to get one in a pack, but if not I’d buy it in the marketplace afterwards. When it was released I didn’t get one in the pack, but then I went to watch the Moment in the marketplace.

“I didn’t even look at the date, and then I see the play, and I was like ‘wait, I remember that play!’ How many plays are there from 17 years ago that you actually remember?...And then I recognized the team that they’re playing against, the Jets, I was like ‘wait, I was actually at that game!’

“When I saw that it was actually that game, my mind was kind of blown - just to get on there and see a play that you remember from 17 years ago is a pretty cool experience.”

Naturally, seeing as this was far more special to him than a typical Moment would be, CWH812 knew he had to go after a special serial number to properly memorialize his experience.

Incredibly, he was able to wind up with both of the typically most sought after serial numbers for the Moment - the #1, and the jersey match #7.

“This was such a special Moment for me that I felt like I needed to get a really, really special (serial number). One, it’s the Jaguars, and two, it’s one of my favorite players from the Jaguars and someone I really admire. And you know, I was at the game and remember this Moment!

“So I looked and I saw initially that the jersey number (#7) was available for not too bad of a price on the marketplace, so I picked it up. And then I saw the #1 pop up, maybe a week or two weeks later, and I decided I might as well get that one too, so I can have all the best Moments from this play.”