As we move towards the start of the next NFL season and all the excitement that comes with it, we want to make sure our fans are in the loop on the latest with NFL ALL DAY. That's why we'll be bringing you regular weekly status updates about the product, upcoming events and initiatives from our Community team. For more, join the NFL ALL DAY Discord.

This week, we're bringing you some quick notes on our Series 1 and Historical Series plans for the rest of the offseason, a progress update on our marketplace improvements and some exciting Discord events to look forward to!

SERIES 1 UPDATE: As many of you know, we were targeting a Challenge every 2-3 weeks and that has not happened. We have been trying our best to get you Challenges but have encountered some obstacles that have limited our ability to get them out the door, combined with a necessary prioritization of the upcoming season. We are hoping to try and deliver the next Challenge within the next week or so and will keep you posted as we know more.

Additionally, we wanted to give you a glimpse into what we are thinking for the next couple of months: First off, we plan to be in Open Beta by the start of the NFL season, and we’ll have an update to you regarding our Series 2 plans prior to regular-season Kickoff. We’re hoping to run at least two more Challenges before Kickoff, pending the resolution of some issues we’ve encountered. We also still intend to release two more batches of Moments featuring some of the most exciting highlights from Weeks 1-12 of the 2021 season (Rewind 2 and Rewind 3), as well as Historical content featuring players and plays that helped you fall in love with the game. As always, we’re focused on scarcity in our releases, and we’ll explore creative ways to get these in your hands. We will make sure to communicate if any of these plans change. Thanks for your patience!

MARKETPLACE UPDATES: We have rolled out a few new marketplace features! First, you can now see the set info of a Moment while navigating the marketplace, and there are now trait tables in the Moment details. In the next few days we expect to rollout the social sharing option once you purchase a Moment. We still have many of your requests in the works and will let you know when we plan to roll those out.

WINNERS: The winners of the Amon-Ra St. Brown giveaway will be announced today, Tuesday, July 26! Stay tuned.

THURSDAY @ 4PM ET: AMA with Benton Bajorek from our Live Ops Team! Come by to learn about one of the voices behind our Moments and win some cool prizes.

FOOTBALL IS BACK NEXT WEEK! We are super excited and we know you are too. We will have a variety of community-centric activities to help you celebrate. Save the date: Otis from our Community team will be hosting a live Discord Stages for a Hall Of Fame Game Watch Party next Thursday!