UPDATE APRIL 7 9PM ET: Updated to include language about playoff sets.

Every Moment on NFL ALL DAY will belong to a set. Throughout the regular season, Moments will often be grouped into sets based on themes, such as defensive stands ("Make The Stop" set) or memorable celebrations ("Showtime" set). There is also a core set at each rarity tier that will feature a larger variety of Moments. All regular-season sets feature Moments of the same rarity tier.

The following graphics illustrate each set used for regular-season Moments in Series 1. See the bottom of the post for more info on playoff sets.





Playoff sets are an exciting representation of all the excitement in each week of the NFL Playoffs.

Whereas regular-season Moments are grouped into sets based on various themes, we created an individual set for each round of the NFL Playoffs. All Moments from those weeks are in their corresponding set (i.e. any Moment from the Divisional Round is in the “Divisional Round” set). Each playoff set has Moments in multiple tiers.