Two stars who grab attention every time they take the field.

This week, with the Bears and Chargers facing off on Sunday Night Football…

Fans will be able to score exclusive new Moments from D.J. Moore and Khalil Mack through crafting Challenges:

  • Mack's unforgettable six-sack performance against his former team, the Raiders, in Week 4
  • The first touchdown from D.J. Moore's huge 230-yard, 3-TD Thursday night against the Commanders in Week 5

This marks the second installment of a weekly series of crafting Challenges in which you can use Moments from your collection to get your hands on the some of the freshest collectibles from the game's most exciting stars.

Tap into the Challenge pages now to see the crafting recipes, which lay out the ingredients you’ll need in order to earn the new Moments:



These Moments will both fall in the Draw It Up set, with the Mack Moment in the Rare tier (mint count between 31 and 300) and the Moore Moment in the Uncommon tier (mint count between 301 and 1,500), regardless of how many fans complete the Challenges.

In the event more than 300 fans complete the Mack Challenge or more than 1,500 complete the Moore Challenge, only the first 300 or 1,500 respectively to complete it will receive the mint-to-completion Crafting reward. Any fans who complete the Challenge after 300 or 1,500 respectively will be compensated with non-withdrawable Dapper Balance equivalent to the marketplace value of the Moments needed prior to the start of the Challenge.

In the event 30 or fewer fans complete the Mack Challenge or 300 or fewer fans complete the Moore Challenge, then the reward will be minted to 31 or 301 and still placed in the pre-announced tier. The excess Moments will be dispersed to fans who were the first to complete the Challenge. For example, if 250 fans complete the Moore Crafting Challenge, then the first 51 fans to complete the challenge will receive two of the crafted Moments, while the other 199 fans will receive one.