• Third and final early-season pack drop of dynamic Moments, closing out our initial curation of 5 players per team
  • Only chance to get a guaranteed dynamic Moment from this list of players - featuring superstar QBs like Hurts, Lawrence and Burrow; elite playmakers like Jefferson, Hill and Donald; and exciting rookies like Flowers and Anderson Jr.
  • Two pack types: Rare (5% chance at a 1-of-30 Legendary Moment) and Legendary (guaranteed Legendary Moment, with 25% chance at two)
  • Pre-orders from Sept. 12-14 - including some special access - and queues on Sept. 14 for 50 Legendary packs and remaining Rare packs
Full player list below.

Our first two releases of dynamic Moments have been a huge hit - with fast sellouts and far more packs requested than packs available.

This week is your last chance at packs with a guaranteed dynamic Moment from our initial curated list of stars and rookies across the league - 5 per team.

And it's loaded with electric talent from across the league - including 5 players who already earned their first highlight evolution in Week 1!



What's in them?

  • 4 Moments, including a guaranteed dynamic Moment
  • 5% chance to pull a 1-of-30 Legendary

How to get them:

  • Public pre-order pack draw from Tues., Sept. 12, at 4 PM ET through Thurs., Sept. 14, at 2 PM ET (request up to 50 packs)
  • Fans with special access (determined via blind snapshot) will be able to buy 1 guaranteed pack from a separate pre-order page (Tues., Sept. 12, at 12 PM ET through Wed., Sept. 13, at 2 PM ET)

NOTE: In this week's public Rare pack draw, we will be prioritizing each fan's first request
- all collectors' first pack request will be met while supplies last.

In other words, no one will get multiple packs unless all fans who requested a pack have gotten at least one.

All other requests beyond 1 per fan will be treated with equal weight in the random draw.


What's in them?

  • 10 Moments, including a guaranteed 1-of-30 Legendary dynamic Moment and either 2 or 3 Rare dynamic Moments
  • 25% chance to pull two Legendary Moments

How to get them:

  • Public queue 5 PM ET on Thurs., Sept. 14, with at least 50 packs (waiting room opens 4 PM ET)
  • Guaranteed purchase links sent on Sept. 12 to small segment of collectors (determined via blind snapshot)
  • Exclusive pack draw for qualified collectors (determined via blind snapshot) from Tues., Sept. 12, at 4 PM ET through Thurs., Sept. 14, at 2 PM ET (request up to 2 packs)

NOTE: A blind snapshot is a method of filtering eligibility based on your collection. The snapshot is taken at an undisclosed time and the eligibility requirements are only revealed after the snapshot is taken.



Dynamic Moments are new thrilling collectibles that will evolve to tell the story of each player’s year through their best regular-season highlights, rendered in extreme scarcity at the Rare (1-of-300) and Legendary (1-of-30) tiers.

Each Legendary dynamic Moment will be the player’s only Legendary-tier Moment of the regular season this year.

Pull a 1-of-30 Legendary from a player that takes off this season, and you could be part of a super-exclusive club that rides the wave of their success.

Don’t pull a Legendary? Don’t fret - even the 1-of-300 Rares will place you in special company amongst a player’s fan base.