In the past month, over 13,000 collectors competed in our Leaderboards to win cool prizes like signed merchandise, NFL tickets, gift cards, and more! As Thanksgiving approaches, we're bringing you new Playbooks over the next couple weeks to help every fan find the right experience. This week, you can:


Love showing off your football IQ? Tap into the prediction Playbook where you can win Dapper Balance prizes by making picks, including a Dynamic Edge feature for using dynamic Moments.


Got a loaded collection? You'll crush the collection Playbook where you can flex your best Moments as players perform on the field: the rarer your Moments, the better your rewards.


Who doesn't love ripping packs? Explore the Burn Playbook where you can use old Moments to score new packs with chances at Legendary pulls.

Complete one Playbook or complete them all: whatever makes the week of football better for you as a fan! As you play, let us know what you think, then get ready for more Leaderboards and awesome prizes down the stretch of the regular season.