No sport features as much game-planning as football. Every win in the NFL is the result of an immense amount of strategic preparation. Here on NFL ALL DAY, we’re just as dedicated to putting together the right plan for an amazing 2022 NFL season ahead and the launch of our Series 2.

Today, we’re giving you a peek at the play sheet for the upcoming season with a preview of what to expect as the 2022 NFL Season gets underway. As we progress into the season, you’ll hear more on other aspects of NFL ALL DAY, like sets, rewards, and challenges.

This blog gets deep into some of the more complex aspects of NFL ALL DAY. If you’re just getting started, check out our “Training Camp” series with Chad Johnson for a fun walk-through of the basics!

Of course, much like an NFL team may need to make mid-game adjustments to secure the W, we’ll be flexible and thoughtful as Series 2 progresses, making changes if need be – but the following reflects our approach as we get set to take the field.

A quick primer: Series 1 refers to all Moments produced from 2021 NFL season highlights, the first slate of NFL highlights ever memorialized on NFL ALL DAY. (Moments minted with highlights from any prior seasons fall under our Historical Series) New Moments from the 2022 NFL season, once it kicks off tomorrow, will fall under a new series: Series 2.

In Series 2, NFL ALL DAY Moments will have 4 different rarity tiers, with their reflected max mint count for the Moment Editions in each tier below: 

Common Tier: Up to /10,000 Mint Count (Special Edition no more than 7,999)

Rare Tier: Up to /2,499 Mint Count (Up to 1,199 for regular-season sets)

Legendary Tier: Up to /100 Mint Count

Ultimate Tier: Up to /10 Mint Count

Additionally, we won’t produce more than 10,000 total Moments across the entire Legendary tier throughout Series 2.

We’ll be slowing down the drop cadence from the once-a-week pace we set during the closed-beta period last season. Multiple weeks of action will often be combined into a single drop, allowing our team to curate the best of the best and ensuring each release features more of the most memorable highlights from the league’s biggest stars. 

By spreading our pack drops out, we’ll be able to make more informed decisions on which Moments should fit at which tiers for which players. But try as we might, we can’t predict the timing of the next Patrick Mahomes no-look pass or Jalen Ramsey game-winning interception.

That’s why we’ve also created guidelines for how we’ll approach new Moment releases at higher rarity tiers. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll have further details about how these Moments will be included in the overall product experience including our new Playbook feature. Check out our exciting Playbook announcement for more details on how that might come to life.

Community-driven burning for rewards will be a core part of NFL ALL DAY, helping ensure fans can level up their experience throughout the season and beyond, bringing you closer to the game and providing utility along the way. It’ll be a key part of Challenges and other gamified platform mechanics as we move forward, allowing you to put your Moments to use and build the collection you want.

For those newer to NFL ALL DAY, burning refers to the permanent removal of a Moment from circulation; Once a Moment is burned, it can no longer be bought, sold or owned. Fans may choose to burn Moments from their collection in order to access perks, rewards and other benefits. 

Community-driven burning provides engaging ways to bring utility to your Moments. When you’re presented with an opportunity to burn, there will be a clear reason to do so - whether it’s unlocking new experiences, accessing a drop, or using them to acquire new exciting Moments. This will take some testing and experimenting, and we’re excited to gather your feedback and reaction along the way.

These are your Moments, you should get to make your own decisions. Empowering YOU, the community, is important to us.

Earlier in the summer, we had mentioned we’d be burning a portion of unreleased Series 1 Moments from the 2021 season. Instead, we see burning as a decision for you,  the NFL ALL DAY collectors, and we want to lean into that. Today we’ll be launching our first Moment burning Challenge, which includes burning previously released Series 1 Moments through an exciting “Go For Two” activation. 

Check out the blog with more details about the challenge HERE.

UPDATE SEPT. 7 10 PM ET: Updated to reflect additional information on Rare-tier mint counts for Series 2.