Collecting top rookies is always special.

And this week, NFL ALL DAY is teaming up with Texans star rookie receiver Tank Dell to raise the bar.

Get access to a special virtual Q&A hangout session with Tank on Tues., Dec. 5, at 3 PM ET by owning one of his NFL ALL DAY dynamic Moment collectibles (as of 12 PM ET Tuesday).

Dynamic Moments are rare officially licensed NFL digital collectibles that evolve throughout the season to feature the best highlights from each player.

For rookies, they're like a digital rookie card that will exist forever with the best plays from their first season in the league.

New highlights get added as the player performs on the field and wins games.

Each featured player has a Legendary (/30) and Rare (/300) dynamic Moment - the Legendary evolves more often and will end up with more highlights.