Last week's Wild Card packs were a hit - in just 45 minutes, all 7,000 got scooped up by excited fans.

This week, with our Divisional Round drop...

You can take your shot at the latest Playoff action - and get Patrick Mahomes II's epic pump-fake scramble guaranteed.

Divisional Round packs will be released starting Fri., Jan. 26, at 3 PM ET.

  • $5 a pack (3 Moments each)
  • All Moments from the Playoffs, at least two from Divisional Round
  • 10% chance at a 1/300 Rare (from the Playoffs)
  • First 3,000 fans to buy a pack will also get Mahomes' Divisional Round scramble Moment for free

The packs will be available to all fans while supplies last in a pair of drops:

  • One drop with 6,000 packs where you can buy as many packs as you like (up to 10 at a time) - see contents
  • A "Second Chance" drop with 4,000 packs where you can only buy two packs (opens following the first drop) - see contents

We're making the adjustment to allow for eager fans to load up on packs while still allowing more fans to join in the fun throughout the weekend.


The first 3,000 fans to buy a pack will get the new Mahomes collectible for free - featuring his memorable Divisional Round scramble.

The Mahomes Moment will be delivered within 48 hours of buying your pack.


Some of the most scarce Moments released in the Super Wild Card Weekend, Divisional Round and Conference Championship sets will be part of locking Challenges in which you can earn Playoff reward Moments from top stars - to come later in the Playoffs.

For more information on how we are releasing Playoff Moments this year, please see last week's Super Wild Card Weekend drop blog.