Looking to keep ripping packs to pull the hottest Playoff Moments?

Our $19 Hot Route packs are for you.

On sale starting at 6 PM ET today, March 3, they're meant to provide accessible entry points into pack-ripping that are available on a more consistent basis than our limited-edition drops. They will be available throughout March, while supplies last.

Each one comes with 5 Moments, including at least one from the Playoffs.

Get lucky, and you could even pull a 1-of-50 Playoff Legendary featuring one of the following plays and performances:

  • Patrick Mahomes II's unforgettable second half in Super Bowl LVII to win his second title and second Super Bowl MVP
  • Joe Burrow's two TDs through the snow vs. Buffalo in the Divisional Round
  • Jalen Hurts' huge showing on the biggest stage in Super Bowl LVII
  • Deebo Samuel's breakaway TD vs. Seattle on Super Wild Card Weekend
  • Chris Jones' massive performance in the AFC Championship to help KC reach the Super Bowl
  • Geno Smith's impressive deep ball touchdown on Super wild Card Weekend

BUY 5, GET 1:

Buy 5 Hot Route packs, and you'll get another one for free! You'll receive the free pack within one week of buying your fifth pack. Offer valid once per collector.

Whether you buy them all at once or through separate transactions, any collector who buys 5 Hot Route packs through the drop will receive the free pack.


For the first time, you will be able to make a purchase as a guest - and claim the pack in your account afterwards. However, we recommend logging in before joining the queue for the best experience.

If you purchase a pack as a guest and leave the page without connecting your account, you will be able to use a link provided to you via email to connect the pack at a later date.