Summer is nearly here, and it’s about to get HOT on NFL ALL DAY.

We’ve been clear with our stance on scarcity – we know it’s critically important for NFL ALL DAY, and that’s guided our actions from the start. Now we’re kicking things up a notch.

This summer… we’re Burning Moments.

As we’re less than 100 days away from Kickoff, we’re excited to try out several different applications and uses of Moment Burning – some will work well and get added to our playbook for the future, others will be stopped in their tracks at the line of scrimmage.

First, a quick primer on what “Moment Burning” is:

“Burning” a Moment NFT permanently removes it from circulation – it’s a blockchain transaction that cannot be reversed. Once a Moment is burned, it no longer exists; no one can ever buy, sell or own it again.

As we get rolling, Moment Burning will fall under one of three primary categories:

1. Fans Burn Moments for credit or prizes

a) To celebrate the arrival of Moment Burning, we'll be holding a "Hot Drop" this Friday, June 3, at 2PM ET. We'll be releasing 1,000 of our Super Wild Card Weekend reserve packs – these packs include chances at epic Legendary and Rare Moments, but fans who pull all Common Moments will be the first fans ever to try out our Moment-Burning feature on NFL ALL DAY. If you pull three Common Moments, you'll have the chance to Burn them in exchange for Dapper credit – you can then go buy Moments you prefer in the NFL ALL DAY marketplace! Read more here.

b) Going forward, we’ll be trying out many other ways for fans to decide which Moments remain in circulation and which get removed forever.

2. Fans Burn old Moments to unlock new ones

a) Burning Moments will be a requirement for some Challenges in the future: to earn the prize, you’ll need to part with the Moments you used to complete the Challenge. We expect our first Moment-Burning Challenge on NFL ALL DAY to come later this offseason (we’ll have other non-Burning Challenges sooner; see below for more).

b) We’ll be exploring other ways to incorporate burning into the release of new Moments, even beyond the scope currently associated with Challenges. In the future, Burning Moments could, for example, be your way to gain access to a new pack drop.

3. We Burn Moments

a) Occasionally, we will burn already-minted Moments rather than release them. These instances could range from adjustments based on market data to the implementation of drops/events that allow accessibility while still restricting supply in line with demand.

b) During the offseason, we’ll be burning 100,000 of the already-minted uncirculated Common-tier Moment NFTs from Weeks 13-18 of the 2021 season (Most of the rest of the already-minted Commons from Weeks 13-18 will be distributed as rewards for closed-beta participants based on various metrics of engagement, as we’ve mentioned previously)

Speaking of Challenges, we’ve been thrilled with the response so far to them – in season, they’ll get even more exciting!

We’ll have multiple types of Challenges (both Burning and non-Burning) each week directly tied to live NFL game action – on a predictable schedule that allows fans to easily choose which ones they want to participate in. 

Going forward in the offseason, we plan to roll out Challenges every two to three weeks, with the cadence speeding up as we head towards kickoff.

More details to come on the in-season challenges as we get closer to NFL Kickoff.

While we've got you thinking about all the excitement ahead on NFL ALL DAY, we wanted to share some insights that give a further glimpse of what's to come and how we're thinking about scarcity!

Mint size and edition count limits:

  • Since the start of NFL ALL DAY, we’ve aimed to give you the information you need to understand supply: We set limits for the number of Moment NFTs in each tier in Series 1, including just 10,000 Legendary Moment NFTs - a number we later slashed down to 7,000 as we remain in closed beta.
  • Today, we’ll also announce that we’ll maintain an upper limit of 10,000 Legendaries each year going forward - making each year of Legendary Moments as scarce as most leading NFT projects.
  • Even at more accessible tiers, we know the importance of maintaining a level of scarcity: in Series 1, we began with Base-set Commons minted to 10,000, and we’ve experimented with lower mint sizes in the Historical Series, with core Common Moments minted to just 9,000 and some Special Edition Commons as low as 4,000. We’ll keep iterating to identify the right mix, but we can say today that any changes to mint sizes for Base-set Commons in Series 2 will be downward from Series 1 - we will not go above 10,000.

Moment curation

  • The NFL is a week-to-week league, and in our first season, we aimed to match that pace with our drops.
  • We were able to release great Moments each week - the NFL never disappoints - but in our opinion we’ll be better served slowing this cadence in Series 2. Rather than weekly drops, we’ll curate and release Moments on an adjusted timeline that ensures each drop features more memorable highlights and Moments from your favorite stars across the league.