The season starts Thursday, and it’s time to get active on NFL ALL DAY.

Introducing… “Playbook,” our new rewards-based game mode – with a free-to-play option – that brings your NFL ALL DAY experience closer to the action than ever before.

It’s the perfect addition to your weekly NFL routine.

Each week, you’ll be given a “Playbook” full of opportunities and Challenges – complete them to gain yards and move down a football field to earn rewards along the way.

The “Playbook” feature will be rolling out gradually to all fans over the next hour.

Getting started is easy: in fact, to get your first “yard,” all you’ll need to do is log in today (Wed., Sept. 7). Check it out now!

Your weekly tasks are called “plays'' and will vary every week: some will be as simple as logging in, while others will require you to complete Challenges based on NFL game action. It's an exciting new way to follow along with the game you love.

With each play you complete, you will earn a certain amount of yardage – hitting different yardage milestones will earn you specific rewards.

It's easy to get started! Today, you can earn your first yard by logging in! Check it out now!

Every week, we'll have two sets of rewards you can earn in your Playbook: Free Rewards and Premium Rewards.

Free Rewards are available to all fans, with no need to own any Moments on NFL ALL DAY, and are cosmetic-based prizes that you can use to flex on your profile. (For Week 1, you'll find an assortment of exciting profile banners and "Accolades" – trophies that will appear in your collection)

Premium Rewards will include epic Playbook packs (see below) full of NFL ALL DAY Moments featuring the NFL's best highlights.

The way to unlock Premium Rewards will change each week – by doing it, you’ll have the opportunity to earn our brand new Playbook Packs (you'll still have to gain the necessary "yards" to earn the packs, unlocking just allows you access to the packs that your yardage earns you). The ONLY way to receive packs as rewards is by doing the task required to “Unlock Premium”. (For Week 1, you’ll need to burn five Moments from your collection)

With the rollout of "Playbook," we also are excited to introduce our brand-new “Challenge Builder.”

Moving forward, this will be how you submit your Moments to complete Challenges on NFL ALL DAY.

You can access Challenges either by clicking a specific one on your "Playbook" page or navigating to the Challenges page on NFL ALL DAY.

On the Challenges page, if a Challenge is open for submissions, it will appear under the “Active” tab. Upcoming Challenges that are not yet open for Moment submission will be under the “Upcoming” tab.

Click “View Challenge” to see all the requirements and specific rewards associated with that challenge. Once the Challenge is open and you have the Moments you need, click “Create Challenge Entry” and filter your collection to select the Moments that fit the requirements.

To start, we’ll have five different types of Playbook Packs available in the Premium Playbook. The format of these packs may change, but we’ll always let you know ahead of time if they do. 

  • One Star Playbook Pack: 1 Base-set Moment.
  • Two Star Playbook Pack: 2 Common Moments, featuring 1 Base-set Moment and a second that is either Base-set or Common Special Edition.
  • Three Star Playbook Pack: 3 Moments, featuring 2 Common Moments and a third Moment that is either Common Special Edition or a Rare Moment.
  • Four Star Playbook Pack:  3 Moments, featuring 2 Common Moments and a third Moment that is either Common Special-Edition or Rare (the odds at a Rare moment in this pack will be higher than the odds at a Rare Moment in the Three Star Pack).
  • Five Star Playbook Pack: 3 Moments, featuring 2 Common Moments and a third Moment that is either Rare or Legendary.

For Week 1, these  Playbook Packs will feature epic highlights from the 2021 Season (Series 1). Once the season kicks off and we have created Moments from the new season, we plan for Playbook Packs to include Moments from both the 2021 Season (Series 1) and 2022 Season (Series 2) until all of our Series 1 inventory is distributed.