NFL ALL DAY is excited to release the first-ever NFL ALL DAY Playoff Packs. These will differ from typical NFL ALL DAY Pack offerings.

Here's what you need to know about this year's Playoff Packs:

  • 4 Sets
  • 1 Drop from each week of the NFL Playoffs (NOTE: We are still in Closed Beta)
  • Playoff Packs will be available to collectors currently participating in the Closed Beta for $49 *
  • The NFL ALL DAY Super Wild Card Pack will feature ONLY moments from the Super Wild Card Weekend
  • Packs from the Divisional Round, Conference Championships, and Super Bowl LVI will contain a mixture of Moments from multiple Playoff rounds. Collectors will be guaranteed at least 1 Moment MINIMUM from the most recent round in each Pack
  • There will be approximately 70 total unique Moments across the four playoff rounds - with Commons being minted to 8500, Rares to 1200, and Legendaries to 56

* As is the case with all of our Closed Beta pack drops, the NFL ALL DAY team will be holding a portion of Playoff Packs in reserve for sale at a later date/time for when we move into Open Beta. (UPDATE 1/27: As we are progressing through closed beta and increasing access, we are also reducing the percentage of packs that we are holding back during the Drops)

More information to come.