Do you remember the moment you fell in love with football?

Maybe it happened the first time you went to a game in person and felt the roar of the crowd as your team took a late lead. Maybe it was when you were sitting way too close to your big, boxy TV on a Sunday night, Mom and Dad telling you to scoot back, but you were too transfixed by the action on the field to listen.

We recreated these spectacular moments during pickup games in the schoolyard and wore these players’ jersey numbers when we were on teams of our own. We debated with friends about championships and legacies and, even if we disagreed, it all led us to the same spot.

Right back to the couch or the bar or the stadium to watch what would happen next — together.

That feeling – if you could bottle it up – is at the heart of the first season of NFL ALL DAY’s Historical Series, Experiencing Greatness.

This Friday marks your first chance to get your hands on these Historical Moments – with the first Historical Series packs ever available featuring breathtaking plays from some of the most exciting stars in NFL history, including Brett Favre, Brian Urlacher, Cris Carter, Randall Cunningham, Reggie White, Steve McNair and more.

We’ve made sure to take an extra-special approach in unlocking the NFL vault:

  • No player will appear more than once per tier in this year’s Historical Series drops
  • Common Moments are getting extra-precious treatment, including the introduction of our rarest Special-Edition Common Moments yet – with mint counts of just 4,000

Respecting greatness from our past is the foundation of the series – that's why we are limiting our offseason to at most three total Historical drops over the next five months leading up to kickoff.

Each drop will feature an Ultimate-tier Moment, an ultra-rare collectible minted to just 10, around which the rest of the drop’s theme is centered. 

In choosing what to mint in the Historical Series Ultimate tier, we’re looking at only the most epic Moments – ones that defined the career of an all-time great or changed the course of NFL history. These plays and performances are the most iconic of all time, etched in the memories of NFL fans forever. 

For example, the first drop, “In The Spotlight”, highlights Brett Favre and his unforgettable, emotional performance against Oakland in 2003 a day after his father passed away. The Moment features narration from Favre himself, telling the story of that magical night.

With the Ultimate Moment at the core of each drop, we are emphasizing scarcity in our mint counts at all tiers:

  • Legendary: Mint counts of 50-99 (varies by set)
  • Rare: Mint counts of 500-1,000 (varies by set)
  • Common: Mint counts of 4,000-9,000 (varies by set)

And finally, to make our first Historical Series drop even more exciting, we've made a slight adjustment to the construction of our packs to address community feedback.

We’ve made it less likely for packs to contain multiple Moments of the same play, meaning you'll get more variety in your packs!

And packs without an Ultimate, Rare or Legendary Moment will have an increased chance at Common Special Editions and Gridiron (core-set) Common Moments from the drop’s major stars, helping you experience the greatness of the game as closely as possible.


We know NFL ALL DAY fans are eagerly awaiting a challenge where they can put their Moments to use to earn rewards. We’ll have one coming soon. And, yes, Historical Series Moments will be included in challenges soon as well.

Stay tuned for some exciting updates as we approach the NFL Draft.