With incredible highlights, joyous celebrations and unforgettable reactions, NFL ALL DAY Moments already capture so much of what makes the NFL great. In Series 2, which coincides with the 2022 season, we’ll be going even further to deepen your collecting experience.

In our first drop of the season today, you’ll find some exciting audio additions – from NFL ALL DAY contributor Tony Gonzalez breaking down some of the top Moments to star rookies narrating their ALL DAY Debuts. Check out our updated Premium and Standard content sheets to see which Moments will feature audio.

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It’s just the start of an exciting season of sound.


To help bring our Moments to life with the incredible storylines and detailed analysis that make an NFL broadcast so enjoyable…

We’re excited to enlist some elite analysts who will lend exclusive audio narration to NFL ALL DAY Moments throughout the year:

  • Tony Gonzalez, who has followed up a Pro Football Hall of Fame career with a number of exciting forays into broadcasting and media
  • Richard Sherman, a five-time Pro Bowler and three-time All-Pro whose vibrant personality has made him a sought-after target as he transitions into media

Their expert analysis will be featured on Moments featuring the best plays and best players from around the league, giving you the same kind of insights and analysis that you’re used to from your favorite NFL broadcasts, shows, podcasts, and social influencers.


We want your NFL ALL DAY experience to be as immersive as possible, and we’ll continue to look for unique ways to bring other sound, from rookies discussing their ALL DAY Debuts to special guests providing commentary about their favorite Moments from the season.


As NFL ALL DAY continues its work with some of the most prominent voices in the game, you may see audio added to already-released Moments as a surprise. How does it work? Say a player has a Moment already released from a previous drop. If NFL ALL DAY works with that player or a personality close to them in the future, you could see a surprise addition of exclusive audio on one or more of the player’s Moments.