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Our Sept. 1 pack drop, titled “Modern Greatness,” is your chance to pull some of the greatest Moments of the 2000s for your collection.

It’s headlined by Odell Beckham Jr.’s unforgettable catch in 2014 and features major stars like Richard Sherman, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Chad Johnson and Tony Gonzalez.

Top highlights include the Minneapolis Miracle, Sherman’s 2013 Conference Championship tip, Fitzgerald’s unforgettable overtime effort vs. Green Bay in the 2015 Divisional Round, the Miracle at the Meadowlands II and more.

Along with an incredible roster of retired legends, the drop also showcases epic plays from earlier in the careers of current stars like Beckham Jr., Stefon Diggs, Julio Jones, Patrick Peterson, Davante Adams, Michael Thomas, DeSean Jackson and Jarvis Landry.

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  • “Modern Greatness” pack drop
  • Thurs., Sept. 1, 2 PM ET
  • Centered around Odell Beckham Jr.’s iconic catch against Dallas in 2014 as a super-premium Ultimate-tier Moment, with a mint count of 10
  • Our second major Historical Series drop, following April’s “In The Spotlight” drop which showcased Brett Favre’s iconic performance after his father passed
  • 18,075 packs available
  • 4 Moments per pack (3 Common Moments, plus a fourth that is either Common, Rare, Legendary or Ultimate)
  • $84 per pack
  • Everyone who buys a pack will receive $20 in Dapper credit to spend on the marketplace (limit one credit redemption per person)
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Do you know greatness when you see it?

You watched it in real-time, trying to process what you’ve just seen. And then the realization sets in that you might have just witnessed history.

Rub your eyes. Clear your head. Strip away the recency bias. Take a step back from the likes and the shares and the memes on social media. Disregard the insistence of those who’ve watched the game for decades, saying that nothing will ever live up to the magic of a moment they hold dear themselves.

Nov. 23, 2014. East Rutherford, New Jersey. 

The New York Giants set up for a 1st and 10 at the Dallas 43-yard line, leading 7-3 just as the second quarter got underway. 

Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was split out wide near the far sideline in single coverage. Off of play action, Beckham Jr. was the target on a deep ball, the defender tugging at his jersey as they jostled for position. 

The rookie got a half-step advantage, rose up, and pulled it in with one hand, tumbling to the ground and landing inbounds, just past the goal line as flags flew and onlookers reacted with a mix of elation and stunned silence.

“I felt like I had been in the moment before and I just reached up and caught it and I finally was like, ‘Man, I finally got that one-handed catch I had been waiting for,’” Beckham Jr. tells NFL ALL DAY, reflecting.

“The moment happened and during the time I never knew that it was going to be the moment that it ended up being. I didn’t know the internet was going to go viral. I didn’t know any of that was going to happen from it.”

Yeah, that was greatness.

In the years since, Beckham Jr.’s catch has cemented its place in NFL history and now you can own it on NFL ALL DAY as the Ultimate-tier centerpiece of our Modern Greatness drop on Sept. 1, 2022.

Joining Beckham Jr., NFL ALL DAY celebrates some of the biggest personalities and plays that you watched live, focusing on pass catcher vs. defender matchups that defined an era.

Richard Sherman’s iconic tip vs. San Francisco. Larry Fitzgerald’s victory-sealing overtime effort vs. Green Bay. Chad Johnson exploding for 260-yards, Tony Gonzalez racking up three touchdowns, Calvin Johnson snagging a jump ball and tapping his toes down for a score.

When you think of the passing game – and those tasked with stopping it – these are some of the names you remember most.


Odell Beckham Jr.


Stefon Diggs
Larry Fitzgerald
Tony Gonzalez
Chad Johnson
Julio Jones
Richard Sherman


Anquan Boldin
Kam Chancellor
Brian Dawkins
Torry Holt
DeSean Jackson
Jarvis Landry
Troy Polamalu
Asante Samuel


Davante Adams
Larry Fitzgerald
Tony Gonzalez
Calvin Johnson
Chad Johnson
Keyshawn Johnson
Patrick Peterson
Troy Polamalu
Steve Smith Sr.
Michael Thomas

UPDATE AUG. 30, 3 PM ET: Updated to reflect our marketplace credit promotion for fans who buy a pack.