We hope you’ve been enjoying the first few weeks of our “Playbook” feature, our rewards-based game mode that takes following the NFL to the next level.

Check out Week 4 Playbook.

This week, we’re excited to announce a new type of “play” that will put your football knowledge to the test: “Pregame Picks.” For select matchups throughout the week, you’ll be tasked with correctly predicting the winning team.

Our Week 4 Playbook will include two “Pregame Pick” plays:

  • One “Open Entry” pick-em which does not require you to own a Moment - worth 10 yards this week
  • One “Collector Entry” play which will require you to use a Moment from your collection to make the prediction - worth 10 yards this week

In the open-entry “Pregame Pick,” you’ll be presented with Moments from each of two teams in a particular game on Sunday and asked to choose a Moment from the team that will win (You won’t have to own the Moment to choose it) Get it right, and you’ll earn 10 yards in your weekly Playbook.

The “Collector Entry” will require you to use Moments from your collection – we’ll let you know the matchup and you’ll need to use our Challenge builder tool to submit a qualifying Moment.

You’ll be able to access the “Pregame Pick” plays within the typical “Playbook” menu. Currently, they’ll be displayed as “Upcoming Plays,” but they will move to “Available Plays” once the window opens to make your picks.