The NFL offseason is in full swing, and with it, a great opportunity for the NFL ALL DAY team to take stock and critically analyze what went well and what could’ve gone better during the NFL season. Through this past season, there were countless learnings that’ll help inform and improve the future of NFL ALL DAY for years to come. We will be using the next several offseason mailbags to shine a light on those takeaways and provide our community with a lens into our priorities for next season. 

Let’s dive right into it:

Team packs were one of the team’s biggest successes last season. I appreciated how they celebrated team fandom and provided a solid offering for new collectors. Can you share any findings you have from team packs and whether you think you’ll stick with them going forward?

Representing your favorite team is at the core of what being an NFL fan is all about.

We introduced the first-ever team packs in November, allowing collectors to introduce their friends and family to NFL ALL DAY in a relatable way. 

With an accessible price and a pack featuring Moments we knew would be relevant to the collector opening the pack, we've seen these serve as a strong first introduction to NFL ALL DAY.

It was a great first test, and going forward, we’re excited to lean into them more and get them in front of more NFL fans.

In the first quarter of 2024, we saw a massive 10x improvement in one of our most important metrics: number of first-time site visitors ripping their first pack within a week of signing up. 

We ascribe this 10x improvement to three primary factors:

  1. The presence of affordable packs readily available as an always-on offering. 
  2. The advent of team packs to resonate with NFL fandom, combined with a special promotion.
  3. Improved checkout flow allowing collectors to purchase their first pack before signing up

It’s clear the premise of these packs resonates, and as we plan the off-season and into the 2024 season, we plan to make team packs a bigger part of the NFL ALL DAY experience.

Currently, collectors can’t burn a locked Moment. Will this change soon?

Moment locking was first implemented at the end of 2023 as a way to reward passionate collectors and completionists. Since then, select collectors have enjoyed the benefits of Moment locking by earning exclusive rewards for their locking efforts.

The first implementation of locking was simple, but we recognize there are currently edge case issues that prevent locking from providing full utility to collectors as it should.

For the offseason, we anticipate collectors will be able to burn locked Moments to participate in Playbooks. We know how crucial the ability to burn locked Moments will be for certain collectors, and we are actively working on it. 

Any plans for the Banner Year highlight reveal?  Looking forward to an announcement and other activities celebrating the reveal of the fully evolved Moments for the best teams of the 2023 season.

Banner Year Moments returned this season to memorialize the 14 teams that made it to the NFL Playoffs. In a previous mailbag, we communicated “2023 Season Banner Year Moments will feature up to 5 plays from the regular season and a play from each postseason game.”

Curating these collectibles takes more time than typical Moments, but we feel it’ll be worth the wait.

The additions to these Moments are actively being worked on and should be rolling out over the coming weeks. We have a fun rollout plan ahead involving locking and rewards. We’re excited to share more with you as soon as possible.

Is the team thinking about a refresh around Playbook or other gameplay for next season?

Throughout the last two seasons of Playbook, collectors have been able to utilize their collections in order to earn exclusive prizes and engage with the community .

As we continue to build on NFL ALL DAY, the team is laser-focused on strategizing around what a “2.0 version of Playbook” would look like to make it more engaging, flexible, and fun for our collectors.

This includes looking at successful features from other Dapper products that we can learn from and bring to NFL ALL DAY.

What can we expect as far as pack drops and engagement opportunities this off-season?

We’re focused on making sure NFL ALL DAY provides the fun you’re looking for while we all wait for another exciting season of football. Notably, this means we’ll have bite sized drops consistently throughout the off-season to keep the fun and engagement high, while accounting for the seasonality of the off-season. 

There will be one more 2023 Series pack drop featuring some top performances from up-and-coming players that haven’t been highlighted prominently in the series yet - after that, no players will receive new 2023 Moment editions in pack drops (some may be featured in Playbook and Challenge rewards).

Other releases in coming months will be primarily focused on exciting historical action from retired players. We’ll be experimenting with other fun ways to create engagement and excitement leading up to the season.

In planning for next NFL season, we will be taking learnings from the past two seasons of NFL ALL DAY – and a healthy dose of insights from other Dapper Sports products – as we prepare for what we expect to be our most exciting and enjoyable season to date.

When can we expect the next mailbag?

The mailbag is a great way for collectors to ask questions and get insights into how the team is thinking about NFL ALL DAY going forward.

We recognize the importance of providing updates to our community, but – even more so – we recognize the importance of those updates being meaningful, thought through, and consistent with our vision for the product and community long term. As such, the mailbag will not necessarily occur at a monthly cadence, but we are still planning to provide updates throughout the offseason through these mailbags.

If you have questions, let us know by emailing with your question. We look forward to hearing from you.