Historical Moments represent some of the coolest additions to the platform in recent years, but we haven’t seen any new ones released recently.

With some of the most iconic plays in NFL history already enshrined on NFL ALL DAY forever, we know Historical Moments are a crucial part of the collecting experience.

They’re a perfect way for fans to connect with the incredible plays and performances that made them football fans.

In general, collectors should expect new Historical Moments and drops to appear during the offseason and around fans' favorite NFL dates!

As we head into one of the biggest weeks of the NFL calendar, we are preparing for one of the most exciting drops we’ve ever had - involving NFL icons and historical performances you’ll remember quite well.

Let us know on Twitter which players you're hoping to see in the upcoming drop!

Collectors are looking forward to being able to access NFL ALL DAY through a mobile app. What is the latest with the status of the NFL ALL DAY mobile app?

As we seek to make digital collecting as fun and easy as possible, we’re excited to announce that the iOS version of our mobile app is now available in the App Store.

The app is exclusive for NFL ALL DAY collectors at the moment - new fans can buy a pack to gain access - and will continue to see new features added in coming weeks and months.

Want to get in on the fun and check it out? Download it here.

Will this year’s Banner Year Moments feature highlights from the regular season or just the playoffs? 

In seeking to deliver the best collectibles possible, 2023 Season Banner Year Moments will feature up to 5 plays from the regular season and a play from each postseason game. We are targeting for these Moments to be updated in the weeks following the Super Bowl.

Will NFL ALL DAY ever have team or player leaderboards, similar to what we have seen from other products?

NFL ALL DAY began testing a new locking feature, which is similar to what is used on other Dapper Sports products, in December of 2023. The introduction of locking Moments represents a significant step in our path towards rewarding collectors who act with conviction and make difficult decisions that benefit all fans on NFL ALL DAY. We are looking into other features that have worked well on other products, but don’t have any updates to share today.

Loving the new locking feature! Should we expect additional rewards for locking beyond the Challenge Rewards outlined?

As a philosophical principle, many of the best collectibles from sets will often be earned by collectors locking other Moments from the set to earn them.

For now, the benefit of locking a Moment or an entire set will be to earn the direct Challenge Reward from that set or for yards in a Playbook. If that reward isn’t deemed as a sufficient reason for you to lock, that’s totally okay. We’d prefer for you to sit out on a locking Challenge rather than lock with an expectation that you’ll earn more yet-to-be-released rewards down the road.

Most recently, collectors have been able to earn incredible reward Moments from some of the most exciting rookies and stars in the NFL, including C.J. Stroud, Bijan Robinson, Sam LaPorta, Puka Nacua, Jalen Carter, Josh Allen and more.

If new features are implemented that incorporate locking, we will make sure collectors are aware of how the systems work and what they can expect.

Thank you for reading. If you have additional questions, let us know by emailing mailbag@nflallday.com for next month's edition of this Mailbag.