One eighty... set hut.

Today we announced NFL ALL DAY is officially open to all NFL fans. Our first public pack drop comes this Friday (2 PM ET) – featuring the first Legendary Moments from icons of the game like Derrick Henry and others, plus top plays from Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, Jalen Ramsey, Jonathan Taylor, Javonte Williams and more. Read more about the drop here.

To celebrate the launch of the next generation of NFL fandom, we enlisted the help of a next-generation QB, Patrick Mahomes II, who will be serving as the face of NFL ALL DAY this season.

"It's awesome for fans to be able to own their favorite Moments from the players and teams that they love," Patrick said. "NFL ALL DAY changes how we as players are able to connect with fans – we can see who’s collecting our Moments and plays."

Check out our commercial spot with Patrick below, in which he shares which Moment he'd want – and does hold – in his collection.

Patrick is also featured in our new free "2022 NFL Season" collectible, in which he welcomes fans to an exciting year of action on NFL ALL DAY.

The new limited collectible is meant to help us create an exciting introductory experience while maintaining our careful approach to Moment supply. At this time, is not available to sell on the marketplace – this may change in the future.

New fans coming into NFL ALL DAY will get the collectible by signing up, while current collectors can add it to their stockpile by claiming it on

NOTE: The new collectible is not a Moment – it falls under a new class of collectible on NFL ALL DAY titled "Seasonal NFTs."