NFL ALL DAY just got an upgrade.

Our mission is always to provide the best possible experience for expressing your love of football, and today marks a big step toward being ready to launch to all NFL fans this fall.

We're excited to roll out a batch of updates to the marketplace that make it easier to find your favorite NFL Moments, discover the key info you need and showcase your NFL fandom.



Our new Moment displays give the rarest Moments the respect they deserve, with shiny outlining and colorways that ensure you notice them while scrolling.

The new visuals help put our focus on scarcity at the forefront of your NFL ALL DAY experience. NFL ALL DAY fans will find it easier than ever to identify Moments in different rarity tiers – from accessible Common Moments all the way up to the elusive Ultimate tier – while experienced fans will enjoy window-shopping for their grail Moments.

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Want to learn more about a Moment before adding it to your collection? The refreshed Moment details page is your new best friend.

You're now a click away from a user-friendly display of stats – you can easily see recent sales and tell how many NFTs in each Moment edition are available on the marketplace, how many are owned by fans and how many are still held in reserve.

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Over previous months, we partnered with several NFL Clubs to drop commemorative NFTs centered around major storylines or themes specific to each franchise. We’re happy to announce that those NFTs are now integrated into NFL ALL DAY and will be a part of what it means to rep your team.

First, the nuts and bolts - starting today, they’ll be viewable on your profile, as well as available to buy and sell on the new marketplace.

These Team NFTs will soon unlock exclusive flair for your profile, including enhanced video profile banners available only to Team NFT holders, and will be included in some Challenges in Series 2 of NFL ALL DAY. Perks provided by Team NFTs will be based on both Team and Tier of NFT.

We’ll have more regarding perks for Team NFTs in the coming months. And if your team doesn’t have one yet, they may in the future - we’ll be rolling out Team NFTs in partnership with more NFL Clubs going into the 2022-23 NFL Season.

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We agree with your feedback on Badges – they needed a splash of color. As a reminder, Badges help identify key info about each Moment – whether it's a player's first Moment on NFL ALL DAY (ALL DAY Debut badge) or a Moment from their first season in the league (Rookie Year badge).

Our revamp of Badge visuals makes each Badge clearly distinguishable at a glance, helping you quickly identify the Moments you want. Badges ought to be special, and the new look captures that, adding the extra flair needed to grab attention as fans browse the marketplace.

Check it out on the marketplace!

It's never been easier to start expressing your fandom on NFL ALL DAY, smoothly surfing the marketplace for your favorite Moments and adding them to your collection – our new "BUY NOW" process allows you to add your favorite Moments to your collection with just a few clicks, and the browsing experience surfaces the details you need more prominently than ever before.