This year you can share in the glory of your favorite NFL player's success.

Introducing dynamic player Moments, a set of super-premium NFL collectibles that evolve throughout the season to feature the game’s most jaw-dropping highlights.

With just 30 Legendary-tier and 300 Rare-tier dynamic Moments available per player, these special collector’s items give you an unparalleled connection to your favorite stars and breakout candidates, right from the start of the season.

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They represent an unmatched experience in collecting the NFL’s best playmakers:

  • Bold scarcity plan: Numbered to just 30, the Legendaries will be the only Legendary-tier Moments released for the league’s top stars and rookies this regular season - and at 1-of-300, Rares too will place you in special company amongst a player’s fan base
  • Season-long fun: Cheering for your favorite player has never been so thrilling - when they play well and win games, you'll get their most breath-taking new highlights added to your collectibles

They’re like a membership card to an exclusive fan club of a player’s biggest believers, one where you ride the wave of every triumph together and end up with an epic memorial to the season.

“I’m excited for the rollout of dynamic Moments, where fans will get to be a part of the entire season with me,” said Patrick Mahomes II.  “From big plays to big wins, it's kind of like a special club where collectors will be on this journey with me every step of the way."

In releasing these, we’re leaning more than ever into what’s special about digital collectibles.

Those heated debates about breakout candidates and future MVPs? Dynamic Moments turn those conversations into reality: Pick out the players you like and watch them go to work.

As your chosen players outshine the competition, your collectibles come alive with new highlights, making them special testaments to their unstoppable journey - and your unmatched football knowledge.

This isn’t just about collecting; it’s about believing, cheering, and celebrating in unison. 

Here’s what you need to know about these new dynamic player Moments on NFL ALL DAY:

Dynamic player Moments are the newest, most innovative offering yet from NFL ALL DAY, the NFL and NFLPA’s digital collectible partnership with Dapper Labs.

“We’ve built an incredible partnership with the NFL and NFLPA over the past two seasons and we’re taking it to a new level this year,” said Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozlou. “Dynamic Moments on NFL ALL DAY let football fans collect their favorite players anytime in the season and watch them evolve with every game. We’re committed to keep pushing the boundaries for every fan and making NFL ALL DAY the best collecting experience for football fans."

Over 100,000 NFL fans have already embraced the transformation brought by NFL ALL DAY, and dynamic Moments take it to the next level.

With a blend of scarcity, emotion, connection, and innovation, dynamic Moments are your ticket to owning history and forging an unbreakable bond with the game and its stars. These super-premium collectibles are a football fan’s dream.


Let’s talk exclusivity.

With just 30 Legendaries and 300 Rare dynamic Moments available per player, these are flex-worthy collector’s grails that will have your fellow fans green with envy.

The 30 Legendaries for each player will be the only Legendary-tier collectibles released for those players throughout the entire regular season.


You’ve spent the offseason scouring every football article you could find. You’re locked in on training camp battles with the eye of a hawk.

Now it’s time to put your knowledge to use.

Dynamic Moments are your golden ticket to stake your claim to the biggest stars and rising legends even before the season kicks off.

Imagine being ahead of the curve, cheering on your favorite players from the very beginning, and then watching as your collectibles become spectacular memorials to their triumphs.


So how does it work?

The better your player plays and the more their team wins, the more often their collectibles will evolve to feature new highlights.

Each team win and every statistical milestone the player hits will count for an evolution point and advance the collectibles towards getting new highlights.

The more limited-edition a dynamic Moment is, the more often it will evolve. (Rares will start the season with 2 evolution points so that the first evolution of each tier will occur at the same time)

Whenever a player hits a new evolution threshold, our curation team will select a play from the games between the previous evolution and the new one to add into their Moments.


Last season, we tested out season-long dynamic Moments for each of the 14 Playoff teams. Collectors loved them, with many fans calling them their favorite Moments ever released and imploring us to commit to them more wholeheartedly.

After careful review this offseason, we’ve decided to lean in.

We believe dynamic Moments help us solve for feedback we’ve received in previous seasons, while also capturing what’s so compelling about digital collecting.


Dynamic Moments let us set strict pre-planned limits for the game's top stars and flips the equation in favor of fandom. You can collect the biggest grails with confidence -  if your player shows out, you’ll get his newest highlights!


Video highlights give us the chance to capture all the incredible feats that went into a player’s season. You get to experience them as they happen, then cherish them forever in collectible form.


The chance to watch your collectibles transform based on real-world player performance is only possible digitally. If you grab a Patrick Mahomes dynamic Moment before the season and he goes off, your collectible will show it.


What's more exciting than watching the collectible you own transform when your player has a big game? Dynamic Moments keep the action going all season long - stay loyal to your early picks or hop on the bandwagon of surging stars.


Your first chance to score these epic new collector's items?

Next week, we'll release packs with dynamic Moments from a group of 40 top stars and rookies - with two pack types: a Legendary pack available through special access for qualified collectors and a Rare pack released through a public drop (with special early access available as well).

Updated Aug. 25, 5:30 PM ET: Clarity added to graphic regarding 5 stars and rookies being released per team to start the season.