Ready to get your hands on exclusive NFL ALL DAY merch?

For all the fans who’ve been enjoying our Playbook feature, we’re taking things to a new level.

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be testing out a Playbook Leaderboard which tracks yardage and touchdowns across multiple weeks of action. 

Gain yards each week to secure your spot on the leaderboard and earn prizes like exclusive NFL ALL DAY merch.

To start, we’ll be tracking the Leaderboard for only Weeks 7-9 of the NFL season – with prizes like our highly sought-after hoodies, shirts and hats that you’ve seen various NFL players sport.

  • Top 50 fans: NFL ALL DAY hoodie, t-shirt, and hat
  • Top 100 fans: NFL ALL DAY t-shirt and hat
  • Top 500 fans: NFL ALL DAY hat

Rankings will be based on yardage – with ties broken first by the number of touchdowns scored (100 yards in any given week), then by the number of Rare, Legendary, and Ultimate Moments used throughout Challenges.

Essentially, it's like a "boost" for using higher-tier Moments – even if only a Common Moment is required to complete a Challenge, using a higher-tier Moment will earn you a tiebreaker point. Each Rare, Legendary or Ultimate Moment used in a Playbook Challenge will count as one "point" reflected in the tiebreaker column.

If an additional tiebreaker beyond that is needed, we will look at the collector that used the most Ultimate Moments, then whoever used the most Legendary Moments. 

We’ll review feedback and data and decide whether to implement a longer-running leaderboard for the rest of the season – with potentially even more exciting prizes in store.