The Playoffs are where legends are made, where every Moment is remembered forever.

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of the action in our Playoff Heroes drop, starting Fri., Feb. 2.

In our Playoff Heroes release, some of the most most epic Moments will be available through locking Challenges. Lock Moments from packs to get:

  • Legendary Moments from Kelce, Gibbs and Puka
  • Rare Moments from CMC, Purdy, Nico Collins and Calijah Kancey

This system makes every pack pull more fun because you know every Rare and Legendary Moment featured in packs will be useful in scoring these rewards.

What’s locking? When you lock a Moment, you cannot list it for sale or transfer it from your account. After a year has passed, you'll have full access to do whatever you want with the Moment again.

With the rewards out of the way, now let's get to the packs.

Each pack is a chance to pull Legendary and Rare Playoff Moments featuring some of the most memorable plays and performances of the postseason.


  • 3 Moments, all from Playoffs
  • 1 Uncommon guaranteed
  • 5% chance at a Rare and 0.1% Chance at Legendary
  • 9,000 packs in a pre-order draw - order as many packs as you like from Feb. 2-5
  • 5,000 packs sold in Instant Rip drop - buy up to 2 packs and get them right away


  • 8 Moments, all from Playoffs
  • 2 Rares and 2 Uncommons guaranteed
  • 1% chance at Legendary
  • 1,850 packs in a pre-order draw - order as many packs as you like from Feb. 2-5


  • 11 Moments, all from Playoffs
  • 1 Legendary guaranteed with 5% chance at 2
  • 3 Rares and 3 Uncommons guaranteed
  • At least 273 packs in a pre-order draw - order as many packs as you like from Feb. 2-5
  • 72 packs will be made available via exclusive purchase links for Legendary set holders (as of 1 PM ET on Feb. 2) - unclaimed packs will be place in the pre-order draw

How a Pre-Order Draw works:

All three pack types will be available through pre-order systems from Friday through Monday - if fans request more packs than packs available, there will be a random drawing to determine which fans get packs. Fans will be refunded for any packs they don't get. We will not be prioritizing each fan's first pack order before giving out multiple packs to any fans.

10 Legendary packs will be available through a Burn Playbook to be released at 6 PM ET on Fri., Feb. 2.

Burn Playbooks allow you to swap out old Moments from your collection to earn rewards - like packs! Stay tuned to see what you'll need!

If not all packs are claimed during the Burn Playbook, any remaining packs will be made available for purchase in the pre-order draws.


Mint counts per set for these Playoff Moments are as follows:

  • 58 for Legendary (to commemorate Super Bowl LVIII, similar to our approach in Series 1 when Playoff Legendaries were minted to 56 for SB LVI)
  • 300 for Rare
  • 1500 for Uncommon
  • 3000 for Common