In celebration of Super Bowl Week, we're giving fans the chance to own some of the most iconic Moments in NFL history.

Including ultra-rare Ultimate-tier collectibles (only 10 of each ever in existence) featuring:

  • The Catch, arguably the most famous play in NFL history, memorialized as a Joe Montana collectible featuring his digital signature
  • The Drive by John Elway, one of the most memorable examples of late-game heroics ever
  • James Harrison's record-breaking 100-yard pick-six in Super Bowl XLII

Every Moment in the drop is from the NFL Playoffs or a Super Bowl - and all Legendary, Rare and Uncommon Moments found in packs will be useful in scoring bonus Challenge rewards like Elway's famous helicopter play and Montana's 5-TD performance in Super Bowl XXIV.

Scroll to bottom for full list of Moments in Common and Uncommon tiers.



  • 2 Moments in Hot Route pack
  • Every purchase comes with free 1-Moment bonus pack with chance at Montana, Elway and Harrison Ultimates (delivered Super Bowl Sunday for any purchases prior to 4 PM ET Sunday)
  • Every pack you buy enters you to win a signed Joe Montana jersey (first 10,000 fans only) - see rules here
  • 5% chance at a Rare, plus shot at Legendary
  • 14,995 packs sold on first-come, first-serve basis


  • 2 Rares (1 guaranteed skill position star*)
  • Chance at Legendary and Ultimate Moments
  • 8 Moments total
  • 3,195 packs in a pre-order draw - order as many packs as you like from Feb. 8-12 (ends Monday at 5 PM ET)


  • 7.5% chance to pull an Ultimate Moment (from either Montana, Elway or James Harrison)
  • 2 Legendaries (1 Hall of Famer guaranteed)
  • 2 Rares (1 guaranteed skill position star*)
  • 12 Moments total
  • At least 215 packs in a pre-order draw - order as many packs as you like from Feb. 8-11 (ends Super Bowl Sunday at 4 PM ET)
  • 98 packs will be made available via exclusive purchase links for fans who own a Legendary set and/or 5+ Legendary Historical Moments (as of 1 PM ET on Feb. 2) - unclaimed packs will be place in the pre-order draw

*List of skill position stars featured in guaranteed Rare Moment slots: John Elway, Cris Carter, Curtis Martin, Priest Holmes, Ricky Watters, Roger Craig, Ed McCaffrey, Warrick Dunn

In pack draws, we will not be prioritizing each fan's first pack order before giving out multiple packs to any fans.

50 Premium and 5 Legendary packs will be available through a Burn Playbook to be released at 5 PM ET on Fri., Feb. 9.

Burn Playbooks allow you to swap out old Moments from your collection to earn rewards - like packs! Stay tuned to see what you'll need!

If not all packs are claimed during the Burn Playbook, any remaining packs will be made available for purchase in the pre-order draws.


Sets and mint counts by tier for the new Historical Moments in packs - assigned to the new series "Historical (2024 Release)" - are as follows:

  • Ultimate: Marquee set, mint count of 10
  • Legendary: Playoff Legacies set, mint count of 69
  • Rare: Playoff Game Changers set, mint count of 499
  • Uncommon: Gridiron set, mint count of 1999
  • Common: Gridiron set, mint count of 4999

Challenge rewards will belong in the same set as other Moments in their tier, but with a mint count determined by number of Challenge completions.