From Saquon Barkley's shifty touchdown on Super Wild Card Weekend through Patrick Mahomes II's gutsy second half in Super Bowl LVII...

You followed the action all Playoffs long, living and dying with every amazing play and performance.

Now all those incredible highlights are coming to NFL ALL DAY - available for you to own, collect and play with as officially licensed digital collectibles called Moments.

Who will own the best Moments from the Playoffs?

It could be you.

In our upcoming Road to Super Bowl LVII drop, you'll have the chance to get your hands on:

  • A 1-of-50 Legendary Moment of Patrick Mahomes II's Super Bowl MVP performance
  • Unforgettable Super Bowl LVII heroics from Jalen Hurts, Travis Kelce, Kadarius Toney and Dallas Goedert
  • Playoff highlights from Joe Burrow, CeeDee Lamb, Saquon Barkley, Ja'Marr Chase, Deebo Samuel and more

Patrick Mahomes II's gutsy second-half performance from Super Bowl LVII is featured as a Legendary-tier Moment - 50 fans will own it!

Starting next week, we'll have 3 exciting new packs celebrating a historic Playoff and Super Bowl LVII: some available to all collectors and some that are rarer and harder to get.

Two of the packs, Premium and Standard, will be sold through pack drawings, our system for distributing some of our most exclusive content. Here's how it works:

  • Within a certain time window, you can submit an entry to buy a pack (or packs)
  • At the end of the window, a random drawing decides which entries were successful
  • For any successful entries, you will receive a pack!
  • For any unsuccessful entries, you will be refunded
  • Some pack drawings may be only available to collectors who meet certain requirements

From Wed., March 1, through Fri., March 3, you'll be able to join the drawing for limited-edition Road to Super Bowl LVII Premium and Standard packs (Premium only for eligible collectors).

Premium Drop: Qualify now!

  • 200 packs available (none held back); $699 per pack
  • 10 Moments per pack, all guaranteed to be from Playoffs
  • 1 guaranteed Legendary Moment, 3 guaranteed Rare Moments, 6 guaranteed Common Moments
  • Special-access links: Fans who finished in the Top 100 of the All-Pro Playoff Playbook Leaderboard or top 10 of our Pro Leaderboard will receive special-access links with a right to buy Premium packs on Tues., Feb. 28
  • Pack drawing: Open to fans who, as of 10 AM ET on Tues., Feb. 28, hold a complete set from Series 1; will be 95 packs available, plus any that are unclaimed from the aforementioned special-access links

Standard Drop: Open to all fans!

  • 9,000 packs available (10,000 created); $59 per pack
  • 7 Moments per pack, at least 3 from Playoffs
  • 1 guaranteed Rare Moment (may be from Playoffs or regular season), 5 guaranteed Common Moments (3 guaranteed from Playoffs), and 1 Moment that is either Common, Rare or Legendary
  • Special-access links: Fans who, as of 10 AM ET on Tues., Feb. 28, hold a Team NFT with a mint count of 102 or less will receive special-access links with a right to buy 1 Standard pack (links sent Tues., Feb. 28)
  • Pack drawing: Open to all fans! Each fan can enter for up to 5 packs - on Friday, you'll find out how many

NOTE: Collectors who finished in the top 100 of our All-Pro Playoff Playbook Leaderboard or top 10 of our Pro Leaderboard will each receive one Standard pack for free!

Hot Route packs: On sale starting Fri., March 3

After the drawings for Standard and Premium packs conclude on Friday, March 3, we will open up sales of $19 5-Moment Road to Super Bowl LVII Hot Route packs, available while supplies last.

  • 28,500 packs available (30,000 created); $19 per pack
  • 5 Moments per pack, at least 1 from Playoffs
  • 4 guaranteed Common Moments (1 from Playoffs) and 1 Moment that is either Common, Rare or Legendary

The season may be over, but the fun hasn't stopped on NFL ALL DAY!

To celebrate the release of these incredible Playoff Moments, we'll be releasing two new Playbooks starting Mon., Feb. 27, in which you can earn mint-to-completion Playoff Moments like Patrick Mahomes II's one-legged jump pass in the AFC Championship.

The Playbook-exclusive Ultimate and Legendary Moments from the postseason will be featured in one of the Playbooks, in which you'll be able to use them to gain 100 yards, earning you mint-to-completion Moments from Mahomes and another top star.

NFL ALL DAY CHAT: In preparation for the exciting week, Noah from the NFL ALL DAY team will be jumping into our Discord on 4 PM ET on Mon., Feb. 27, for a chat with the community.

MOMENT MINTING: Though all Moment editions minted in the next week will be featured in our pack drop, we will be holding a portion of Moments in each edition back for use in future packs and Reward content.