Last week, in celebration of the holiday, we debuted the first-ever team packs on NFL ALL DAY.

They were a hit - with 500 packs available per team, we saw at least twice as many fans line up for each pack.

Now, the fun continues - over the coming weeks, we'll be bringing you the first-ever team packs for the remaining teams around the league.

  • Our Week 13 schedule features 10 teams, headlined by the defending conference champions - the Eagles and Chiefs - alongside six teams squaring off in 1 PM ET matchups Sunday and two teams playing in the later window
  • Waiting rooms for each team's packs will open 1 hour before their game starts - the drop will start 30 minutes before gametime (when the drop starts, all fans in the waiting room will receive a random spot in line to buy a pack)
  • 500 packs per team - each $4 pack guarantees you to pull top players from the team featured, either two Commons or one Common and one Uncommon/Rare/Legendary Moment

Want a pack? Make sure you join the waiting room to try and get a good spot in line!


Last week, we saw a number of new fans join our waiting rooms but walk away without the pack they came for.

Knowing these team packs are a perfect introduction to NFL ALL DAY and digital collecting, we want to make sure we're considering new collectors with this next release - while being cautious about any possible abuse of the system.

This week, we'll be creating 100 extra packs per team - designed so that we can deliver exclusive purchase links to new fans who join the drop and miss out on packs. If you have friends who are NFL fans not yet on NFL ALL DAY, these packs are a great place for them to get started.

In our commitment to a fair and enjoyable experience for all, we will carefully review new accounts to ensure compliance with our community standards before distributing any exclusive links.

At NFL ALL DAY, we champion fair play and community spirit. Please be aware that any use of automation, creation of multiple accounts, or other breaches of our Terms of Service may lead to account termination. We're dedicated to maintaining an inclusive and enjoyable environment for every fan.

We couldn’t be more excited to bring team packs to fans of all 32 teams around the league. See you in the waiting room on Sunday!