There’s nothing like cheering on your home team, and NFL fans’ passion for their squads is unmatched. In recent months we’ve partnered with several clubs around the league to drop custom team-specific NFTs that will be leading the charge for what it means to be a team fan on NFL ALL DAY.

These Team NFTs will be an integral part of the NFL ALL DAY experience. Soon they will:

  • Be fully viewable in your NFL ALL DAY Collection (no longer exclusively available in Dapper Wallet)
  • Unlock exclusive team-specific profile flair and other cosmetic upgrades to upcoming features
  • Be available to buy and sell in the NFL ALL DAY Marketplace (Missed your chance to get one? You’ll be able to soon!)
Sneak peeks of Team NFTs on NFL ALL DAY. Earlier this year, we released team NFTs in partnership with several clubs around the league – the Giants, Texans, 49ers and Dolphins – as well as Super Bowl and Conference Championship NFTs with the Rams and Bengals.
Mockup of Team NFTs on a user's profile page.

You’ll also become eligible for other surprises and perks for holding them – we’ll have more details to share this offseason.

Our Super Bowl and Conference Championship NFTs, minted to commemorate the Rams' and Bengals' memorable victories this past season, will enjoy the same in-product features with slight tailoring, more to come.

We’re really excited for what’s in store for NFL Team NFT collectors! Still waiting for your team to drop their unique, limited-edition NFTs on NFL ALL DAY? Keep an eye out… we'll be releasing more in the future.