• “Rewind: Catalysts” drop 
  • Thursday, May 26, 2PM ET
  • First Series 1 Rewind drop, showcasing some of the most thrilling Moments from Weeks 1-12 of the 2021 NFL season – prior to launch of NFL ALL DAY closed beta
  • $59 per pack
  • 4 Moments per pack (3 Common Moments, plus a fourth Moment that is either Common, Rare or Legendary)
  • 25,650 packs available
  • Max 2 packs per fan
  • Full list of Moments here

ALL DAY Debuts from J.J. Watt, Derrick Henry, Darren Waller and more.

Legendary Moments from Justin Jefferson, Austin Ekeler, Micah Parsons, Mac Jones and Joe Mixon.

With our first Series 1 Rewind drop this Thursday, May 26, featuring some of the best Moments from Weeks 1-12 of the 2021 NFL season, we highlight the players with a knack for providing a spark when their team needs it: the catalysts.

Every team has a guy or two who gets things started.

Maybe the offense had been slow out of the gate, then he dips past one defender and dodges another and takes it to the house for the score.

Or it's been a back-and-forth game without a real breakthrough until he jumps a route and picks it off to set the offense up in scoring position.

In NFL ALL DAY’s “Rewind: Catalysts” drop, we celebrate these sparkplugs.

We’ll have 25,650 packs available, stuffed with thrilling Moments from some of the most exciting players in the league. Each pack will be $59 and feature four Moments – three will be Common-tier, with the fourth being either Common, Rare or Legendary. 


  • Micah Parsons knocking the ball loose against the Chiefs
  • Justin Jefferson leading Minnesota to a rivalry win
  • Derrick Henry powering through a tackler for a first down
  • J.J. Watt forcing a key turnover on downs
  • Austin Ekeler reaching the end zone four times in a high-scoring victory
  • Mac Jones lofting a perfect deep ball down the sideline
  • Joe Mixon breaking ankles on a cutback for a fourth-quarter TD

And more!


With Moments coming from the first 12 weeks of the 2021 NFL season – prior to the launch of the NFL ALL DAY closed beta – Series 1 Rewind will help capture all the excitement from an incredible year of football and set us up to roll out new forms of Moment gameplay on NFL ALL DAY in the future.

We’ll have three Rewind drops over the coming months of the NFL offseason, all showcasing top Moments from Weeks 1-12 and covering a certain theme.

Throughout Series 1 Rewind, we will not be minting any Moments for a player in a tier in which they have already appeared in Series 1 (i.e. if a player already has a Legendary Moment edition, he will not have another Legendary Moment edition minted in Series 1).

Update May 25 7:30 PM ET: Pack highlights added and full list of Moments linked.