On Sunday, 123.4 million people watched the start of a dynasty, as Patrick Mahomes II put it.

Now just 10 fans will own the Moment.

Mahomes' incredible overtime game-winning drive in Super Bowl LVIII  is being memorialized on NFL ALL DAY as an ultra-scarce 1-of-10 Ultimate-tier Moment collectible.

Four will be released in packs this week only, along with all the best action from an unforgettable Super Bowl LVIII.* To celebrate the end of the season:

  • A big portion of new SB LVIII packs will be available for fans to earn using their collections in Burn Playbooks
  • We'll also be giving away a handful of signed Mahomes jerseys and footballs throughout the weekend

The chase for history is on. The fun starts Friday.


  • 2 Moments, 1 guaranteed from Super Bowl LVIII
  • Comes with free Bonus Pack featuring a shot at the Mahomes Ultimate
  • 5% chance at SB LVIII Rare
  • 9,500 packs available on first-come, first-serve basis starting Feb. 16 at 4 PM ET
  • 2,225 packs available in Burn Playbooks


  • 5 Moments, at least 3 from Super Bowl LVIII
  • Every Premium pack purchased or earned will come with a free Hot Route pack and Bonus Pack (shot at the Mahomes Ultimate)
  • 1 SB LVIII Rare guaranteed, 10% chance at 2
  • 1% chance at SB LVIII Legendary
  • Just 745 packs in a pre-order draw - order as many packs as you like from Feb. 16 through Feb. 20 at 4 PM ET
  • 280 packs available in Burn Playbooks starting Feb. 16

LEGENDARY - ($599)

  • 7 Moments, at least 5 from Super Bowl LVIII
  • 2% chance at Mahomes Ultimate (3 spread across all Legendary packs)
  • 1 SB LVIII Legendary guaranteed, 10% chance at 2
  • 2 SB LVIII Rares and 1 SB LVIII Uncommon guaranteed
  • At least 17 packs in a pre-order draw - order a pack from Feb. 16 through Feb. 20 at 4 PM ET
  • 73 packs will be made available via exclusive purchase links for Series 1 and Series 2 Legendary set holders (as of 1 PM ET on Feb. 2) - unclaimed packs will be placed in the pre-order draw
  • 35 packs available in Burn Playbooks starting Feb. 16

Bonus packs (and Hot Route packs for Premium pack buyers) will be distributed within a few hours of the end of the pack draws (Feb. 20 at 4 PM ET).

2,225 Hot Route packs, 280 Premium packs and 35 Legendary packs will be available through Burn Playbooks to be released on Fri., Feb. 16.

Burn Playbooks allow you to swap out old Moments from your collection to earn rewards - like packs! Stay tuned to see what you'll need!

If not all packs are claimed during the Burn Playbooks, any remaining packs will be made available for purchase in the pre-order draws.


Mega Legendary Burn Playbook: Fri., Feb. 16 at 4:30 PM ET

Legendary Burn Playbook: Fri., Feb. 16 at 5 PM ET

Premium Burn Playbook: Fri., Feb. 16 at 5:30 PM ET

Hot Route Burn Playbook: Fri., Feb. 16 at 6 PM ET

Some of the top Moments will be available through locking Challenges. Lock Moments from packs to get:

  • Legendary Moment featuring Christian McCaffrey's trick-play TD
  • Rare Moment featuring Travis Kelce's clutch first down late in regulation
  • Uncommon Moment featuring Isiah Pacheco's fourth-quarter red-zone run

Every Rare, Legendary and Uncommon Moment featured in packs will be involved in Challenges for the rewards - meaning they'll help you score the new Moments.

What’s locking? When you lock a Moment, you cannot list it for sale or transfer it from your account. After a year has passed, you'll have full access to do whatever you want with the Moment again.

*Six of the 10 Ultimate Moments are already spoken for, going to top collectors who've been engaging all Playoffs long.