Everyone loves badges. They’re a quick and easy way to highlight a few differentiating qualities about your Moments. To help make them even more useful, we’re making a change in the coming days to provide increased clarity around debut badges.

Based on feedback we’ve received from the NFL ALL DAY community, we will be renaming the Rookie Debut badge to Rookie Mint and applying it to all Moments minted during a player's rookie year (or in the Series tied to the player's rookie year, even if minting may come after the season ends, such as with our Series 1 Rewind content).

The changes will be reflected in the coming days.


  • No current badges will be removed 
  • Rookie Debut badges renamed to "Rookie Mint" - any Rookie Debut Moments are still the only "triple-badge rookie" Moments currently available
  • Series 1 Moments that previously had only a Rookie Year badge will now also get a Rookie Mint badge
  • Historical Series Moments will not get Rookie Mint badges (not minted during players’ rookie years)

Rookie Mint Badge


How will this affect badges on existing Moments?

There will be no removal of any badges. All Series 1 Moments released to date that have a Rookie Debut badge already qualify for Rookie Mint, so three-badge rookie Moments will still have three badges, but one will have a new name.

There will be some badge additions. The only currently available Moments that will see changes in badges displayed are Moments that have a Rookie Year badge, but did not previously have a Rookie Debut badge. These Moments will get the Rookie Mint badge added. This is because all currently available rookie Moments feature 2021 rookies and were minted for the 2021 season.

What does this mean for the scarcity of the badge?

Though the change will mean more Series 1 Moments feature the Rookie Mint badge, it also means Historical Series Moments will not, helping preserve the overall scarcity of the badge. 

Under the previous badge definition, Historical Series Moments would have been eligible for the "Rookie Debut" badge if it was the first Moment minted from a player's rookie year. Now, Historical Series Moments will not receive the Rookie Mint badge since they will not have been minted during the player's rookie year.

There are also no new "triple-badge rookie" Moments created by this change. All Series 1 Moments which are getting the Rookie Mint badges newly applied do not have the NFL ALL DAY Debut badge. Thus, any Moments that previously featured the Rookie Debut badge will still be the only "triple-badge rookie" Moments currently available.

Which existing Moments will be getting Rookie Mint badges added?

Below is a list of all 22 currently available Moments which will have Rookie Mint badges added (note: list does not include Moments which previously had Rookie Debut badges; these will also have Rookie Mint badges)

Amon-Ra St. Brown (DET): Rookie Revelation - Legendary
Amon-Ra St. Brown (DET): Base - Common
Davis Mills (HOU): Rookie Revelation - Legendary
DeVonta Smith (PHI): Base - Common
Elijah Mitchell (SF): Super Wild Card Weekend - Common
Evan McPherson (CIN): Divisional Round - Legendary
Ja'Marr Chase (CIN): Rookie Revelation - Legendary
Ja'Marr Chase (CIN): Divisional Round - Common
Ja'Marr Chase (CIN): Conference Championships - Rare
Ja'Marr Chase (CIN): Locked In - Rare
Ja'Marr Chase (CIN): Super Bowl LVI - Rare
Javonte Williams (DEN): Locked In - Rare
Jaylen Waddle (MIA): Showtime - Rare
Jaylen Waddle (MIA): Base - Common
Kyle Pitts (ATL): Locked In - Rare
Kyle Pitts (ATL): Base - Common
Mac Jones (NE): Super Wild Card Weekend - Common
Mac Jones (NE): Base - Common
Najee Harris (PIT): Rookie Revelation - Legendary
Najee Harris (PIT): Base - Common
Trevor Lawrence (JAX): Rookie Revelation - Legendary
Zach Wilson (NYJ): Rookie Revelation - Legendary

What are some examples of Moments and how they are impacted by this change?

Here’s a look at how different groups of Moments will be affected by the update.

Series 1 Moments that previously had “Rookie Debut” badges

No change to badges displayed. The “Rookie Debut” badge will now be called “Rookie Mint”

This Ja'Marr Chase Moment features three badges: NFL ALL DAY Debut, Rookie Year and Rookie Debut. All three badges will remain on the Moment, but the Rookie Debut badge will be renamed to "Rookie Mint."

Series 1 Moments that previously had Rookie Year badges but no Rookie Debut badges

Will receive “Rookie Mint” badges as they were minted during the 2021 season when the player was a rookie.

This Ja'Marr Chase Moment previously only featured a Rookie Year badge. It will now also feature a Rookie Mint badge.

Historical Series Moments from a player’s rookie year:

Will receive a Rookie Year badge but no Rookie Mint badge.

UPDATE APRIL 19 7:30 PM ET: Addition of parenthetical to reflect the fact that Moments will be considered minted during the season for the series to which they are tied (i.e. Series 1 Rewind Moments will be considered minted "during" the 2021 season for the sake of Rookie Mint badge application)