For NFL fans, football is more than just a game - it’s a lifestyle, a devotion that runs deep.

And the 2023 season on NFL ALL DAY isn’t just celebrating the sport - it’s celebrating YOU, the dedicated fans who have made the NFL an unmatched global phenomenon.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, you’ll find more ways than ever to show your pride and rep your squad on NFL ALL DAY.


No more scrolling the marketplace aimlessly, waiting for something to catch your eye.

Coming in the early weeks of the season, a fresh team collecting interface will become your go-to portal for progress and make stocking up on your favorite teams and players more satisfying than ever.

Not only can you easily track your way through the catalog of collectibles for each team, you’ll be building a dazzling display to show off to your fellow fans. Collect each player, highlight your favorite Moments and assemble a flex-worthy page in no time.

We’ll initially roll the feature out for Series 1 (2021) and Series 2 (2022) collectibles, giving veteran collectors the chance to build up and flex their impressive arrays.

As the season continues, you’ll be able to do the same for the new 2023 series - and we’ll add in a fandom level system:

Rise the ranks, flex your fandom and cement your position amongst the elite on NFL ALL DAY.


Football fans in 2023 are able to connect with other diehards online at all times, tweak their fantasy rosters with a few clicks, battle their friends on the sticks, and pull up highlights at their fingertips.

Every year, fandom becomes more digital, and it's not just a trend - it's a revolution with staying power. And the 100,000+ fans who've started collecting on NFL ALL DAY over the past two seasons are leading the charge in this new facet of fandom.

But all around you, there are people who haven’t gotten it yet, who still haven’t discovered the fun and ease of digital collecting.

We believe they’re ready to join the wave - they just need the right beginner experience.

One that emphasizes fun and fandom in a fresh way, one that speaks to their unbridled passion for their home teams and guides them slowly into the thrill of chasing the most elite collecting grails.

That’s why for 2023, we’re reshaping our entry-level collectible experience in a way that:

  • Creates more equal opportunities for collecting across the 32 teams
  • Allows for a more fun, interactive introduction to NFL ALL DAY
  • Continues to smoothly match supply to demand

For the 2023 season, the Common tier will feature top players from each team represented with a suite of color-coded collectibles.

Created a few weeks into the season, these collectibles will feature a quick reel of in-game footage of a single play that showcases aspects of the player's play style and personality.

Grab your team's stars and upgrade the collectibles to rarer, more prestigious color levels through a simple trade-in system.

With no pre-set mint counts and no displayed serial numbers, Commons will be sold on demand throughout the season, primarily through specific team-based packs available to each fan base on NFL ALL DAY.

Team Packs full of Commons will allow more fans to begin their collecting journey by pulling their favorite stars right away. Then the magic starts.

Accumulate three same-colored Commons of your favorite player, either through ripping packs or shopping the marketplace, and you can trade them in for a rarer, newly-colored collectible that shines even brighter. (Trading Moments in will burn them, meaning they will no longer exist)

Will you ascend all the way to the Gold tier?

Optimized for accessibility and interactivity, the new Common system will take fresh fans from curious collectors to advanced connoisseurs of NFL ALL DAY - eager to dive deeper into collecting scarcer tiers and earlier series.

By doing away with planned mint counts and displayed serial numbers, we’re clearly delineating this year’s Commons from other more scarce collectibles on NFL ALL DAY and allowing room for the rarer content to shine.

All other Moments for the 2023 season will be in the Uncommon tier or higher, with mint counts of 1,500 or below.

The new approach also endows Series 1 and 2 Commons with a sense of significance.

As a special group of early Common-tier collectibles with defined scarcity, they’ll hold a special place in NFL ALL DAY history, with the new approach to Commons now allowing our entry-level tier to cater to the fun of collecting for a mass audience.

Get a feel for Commons and team packs here.


With the structure of the Common tier changing to suit a fresh wave of NFL fans and our Rare tier becoming more scarce and special - mint counts of just 300 - we’re introducing a new Uncommon tier to bridge the gap.

Uncommons will feature constrained mint counts of just 1,500 that make them delightful pack hits, while still remaining accessible enough to serve as a stepping stone for new fans into deeper collecting. Uncommons will not be dynamic Moments - they'll feature a single play or single-game performance, similar to Moments from Series 1 and Series 2.

It’s a decision that frees us up to make Commons suit a wide audience while simultaneously making Rares more coveted and collectible than ever before.