• Limited Super Bowl Flashback drop, first-ever release of historical Super Bowl Moments
  • You could be one of 10 to own the Chiefs' Super Bowl LIV comeback Moment, led by Patrick Mahomes II
  • Other iconic Super Bowl and playoff Moments from top stars like Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie White, Donovan McNabb, Richard Sherman, Brian Dawkins, Marshall Faulk, Steve Smith Sr. and more
  • Premium and Standard packs: Each released through pack drawing system Feb. 8-10; see below to qualify yourself for the Premium drop!

For the first time ever, we’re giving fans a chance to pull incredible Moments from past Super Bowls - with a limited Super Bowl flashback drop this week.

Headlining the drop is the Chiefs' Super Bowl LIV comeback, enshrined as a super-precious Ultimate-tier Moment - join the pack draw and you could be one of 10 to own the historic effort led by Patrick Mahomes II.

With that incredible Moment as the centerpiece, the drop also features other unforgettable Moments from Super Bowls and playoff games of the past, like:

  • Larry Fitzgerald’s breakaway 60-yard touchdown in the closing minutes of Super Bowl XLIII
  • Reggie White recording three sacks on the biggest stage to help the Packers to a win in Super Bowl XXXI
  • Jacoby Jones producing the longest play in Super Bowl history with an electric 108-yard kickoff return TD in SB XLVII
  • Doug Williams’ historic 4-TD performance in Super Bowl XXII, when he became the first Black quarterback to both start and win a Super Bowl
  • Richard Sherman setting the tone in the 2014 NFC Championship with an interception on the opening drive against Green Bay

Plus plenty more incredible playoff memories from stars like Marshall Faulk, Luke Kuechly, Steve Smith Sr., Troy Polamalu, Torry Holt, and Kam Chancellor.

To honor the teams playing Sunday, we've put a special emphasis on memorable playoff performances from the Eagles and Chiefs:

  • Donovan McNabb becoming the first QB ever to throw for 200 yards and rush for 100 in postseason game
  • Brian Westbrook breaking off a dazzling 49-yard touchdown run in the Eagles’ 2006 Wild Card win over the Giants
  • Freddie Mitchell hauling in one of the most memorable completions in NFL history, a 4th-and-26 conversion in the 2003 Divisional Round
  • Brian Dawkins setting up a game-winning field goal with a huge interception and return in the 2003 Divisional Round
  • Alex Smith airing it out for 378 yards and four touchdowns in the 2013 Wild Card Round
  • Derrick Thomas notching two sacks in a huge Kansas City defensive effort in the 1993 Divisional


We're releasing both Premium and Standard packs, with Premium packs featuring elevated odds at the elusive Ultimate Moment and other high-tier content.

Both packs will be released through a pack drawing system - enter the draw between Wed., Feb. 8 at 5 PM ET and Fri., Feb. 10 at 3 PM ET. On Friday, we'll hold a random drawing and let you know whether you got a pack(s).

Premium Drop: Qualify now!

  • 350 packs available (none held back); $699 per pack
  • 7 Moments per pack: 4 Common Moments, plus 1 Guaranteed Legendary Moment and 2 Guaranteed Rare Moments (1 special-edition)
  • 2.3% chance for an Ultimate Moment in place of 1 Common Moment (8 Ultimate Moments distributed across the 350 packs)
  • Maximum 1 pack per fan (must qualify to enter, see below)

IMPORTANT: Open to fans who, at 4 PM ET on Wed., Feb. 8, either:

  • Hold a Chiefs or Eagles Banner Year Moment - shop now!
  • Hold any 3 Banner Year Moments - shop now!
  • Hold an Ultimate-tier Historical Series Moment - shop now!
  • Hold a complete Rare or Legendary-tier Historical Series set OR hold all the Common and Rare Moments from a mixed-tier Historical Series set - shop now! (Historical 2 sets not included)

Want to qualify for the drop? Hit the marketplace now and grab what you need!

Standard Drop: Open to all fans!

  • 6,200 packs available (6,500 created); $69 per pack
  • 5 Moments per pack: 3 Common Moments, plus 1 Guaranteed Rare Moment and 1 Moment that is either Common, Rare, Legendary or Ultimate
  • 2 Ultimate Moments of the Chiefs Super Bowl LIV comeback distributed across the 6,500 packs
  • Maximum 3 packs per fan