This Friday, April 8, we’re giving you a chance at the first Playoff Packs ever created on NFL ALL DAY.

We're releasing packs held back from earlier in the closed beta period in the Super Wild Card Weekend “Replay” drop, set for 2PM ET.

They’re loaded with some of the hottest Moments on the marketplace, including the first-ever Legendaries for Patrick Mahomes II and Josh Allen – two of the three highest-selling Moment editions thus far on NFL ALL DAY.

  • Josh Allen dicing up the New England defense for five touchdowns
  • Patrick Mahomes II putting on a master class in quarterbacking
  • Deebo Samuel taking the handoff and cutting through the Dallas D for a crucial TD
  • Odell Beckham Jr. doing it all against Arizona
  • Joe Burrow escaping the pocket and floating a TD to the back of the end zone
  • Von Miller coming off the edge for his first playoff sack since 2015
  • Travis Kelce throwing a touchdown pass for a change
  • Ben Roethlisberger lofting a pass for the final TD of his career
  • Micah Hyde flying over from his deep safety position for a spectacular INT
  • Matthew Stafford notching his first career playoff victory

And much more!

Click here for a full list of Moments available.

  • Friday, April 8, at 2PM ET
  • Waiting Room open at 1PM ET
  • 17,000 packs available
  • $49 per pack
  • 3 Moments per pack
  • Chance for a Rare or Legendary Moment
  • All Moments from Super Wild Card Weekend

For "Replay" Drops, we have raised the maximum number of packs per fan to 2.

Each account will still only be able to purchase 1 Pack each time through the queue. If there are fewer fans in the queue than Packs available, you may be able to re-queue and buy a second Pack.

The increase is intended to allow fans who participated in the initial drops for a particular week earlier in closed beta to participate in the "Replay" drops as well (their accounts already reflect 1 pack purchased from that week so they would otherwise be blocked from participating).

Playoff sets are an exciting representation of all the excitement in each week of the NFL Playoffs.

Whereas regular-season Moments are grouped into sets based on various themes, we created an individual set for each round of the NFL Playoffs. All Moments from those weeks are in their corresponding set (i.e. any Moment from the Divisional Round is in the “Divisional Round” set). Each playoff set has Moments in multiple tiers.

All Moments in this Friday’s drop are from the “Super Wild Card Weekend” set. 



Access to closed beta will allow you to join the queue for the pack drop, but does not guarantee the chance to purchase a pack.

If you reach the front of the queue while packs are still available, you will have an opportunity to purchase a pack.

As we are still in closed beta, we appreciate your patience in helping us identify when things go wrong. We are doing our best to solve errors/issues and make everything run smoothly. Keep an eye on your email, the NFL ALL DAY Discord and our @NFLALLDAYUpdate Twitter account for more information on the day of the drops.