Dapper recognizes that there may be ways to circumvent the terms and conditions of the Black Friday net spend promotion, therefore, the following rules will be in place during the promotional period:

1. If Dapper detects suspicious activity intended to circumvent the terms of this promotion the following will occur:  the account(s) in question will be reviewed and a full audit will be conducted.  If the conclusion of the audit determines the Terms of Conditions of this promotion were violated, the account owners in question will be removed from the promotion and will forfeit any potential bonus Dapper Balance.  Suspicious activity may include Gifting or Withdrawing NFL ALL DAY Moments.

2. Transactions that occur significantly higher (or lower) than floor value, sales to “related parties” (those with previous buy/sell history and gifting history), the buying or selling of a moment within 14 days, and any other activity deemed suspicious will be audited.

3. Dapper reserves the right to withhold bonus funds based on manipulation of Marketplace dynamics, fraudulent transactions, chargebacks, or other possible illicit funding sources.

4. This promotion is subject to change and may be discontinued at any time.