The Playoffs are where legends are made.

And this postseason, you can become an NFL legend yourself - rip packs and play your way to rare, officially-licensed NFL collectibles all Playoffs long.

Few honors can match up with Super Bowl MVP - and on NFL ALL DAY, that performance becomes a collectible.

Last year, when Patrick Mahomes II willed the Chiefs to victory, his performance was enshrined forever as a 1/50 Legendary collectible - one that’s been scooped up and held tightly by the most dedicated collectors.

This year, we’re raising the bar: the Super Bowl MVP performance will end up in the Ultimate tier, our highest tier on NFL ALL DAY, with only 10 collectibles available.

And all Playoffs long, every move you make on NFL ALL DAY can help you get in position to own it:

  • 5 will go to winners of Playbook Leaderboards
  • 4 will be in Super Bowl packs - having a strong collection will help you earn packs via burning or get access to limited pack drops
  • 1 will be given away randomly, with every pack you buy throughout the Playoffs entering you to win

The Moment may feature either a full reel of heroics throughout the game or a single defining play.

Want to plant your flag with the team you believe will take home the title?

Grab their Banner Year collectible.

This Rare set of team-based dynamic Moments - first introduced last season - includes each of the 14 playoff teams:

  • 300 created per team
  • Begins as a blank slate but will grow to showcase a play from each Playoff game the team plays in (emphasis on teamwork, scoring plays, turnovers, memorable reactions or plays late in the game)

Been collecting your team already this year? You're in luck - fans who've stocked up on dynamic Moments will have a chance to earn these:

  • 58 per team will be released to fans through locking Challenges featuring each team's 2023 dynamic Moments (Challenges start 1 PM ET Friday)
  • Other Moments will primarily be released through this week's Fresh Face & Trophy Races packs


Beyond the Super Bowl MVP collectible and Banner Year Moments, we know as always there will be a host of incredible plays throughout the postseason that are must-haves for collectors.

You’ll be able to get your hands on these in a variety of ways:

  • Playbook Leaderboards: Along with a slew of other incredible prizes, Playbook Leaderboards will earn you Playoff and Super Bowl reward packs with your shot at some of the top new Moments
  • Drops: New Playoff packs will be available during the Divisional Round Weekend and Conference Championships, with a more comprehensive drop featuring higher-tier packs coming after the Conference Championships