It’s time to secure your fan legacy.

As we continue to focus on delivering an experience that speaks to new NFL fans...

Today we’re rolling out the first iteration of a fresh team collecting interface that represents a major quality-of-life update for organizing, sharing and building your collection.

Rolled out to start for Series 1, Series 2 and Historical Moments, the first iteration of this new feature makes it easier to:

  • Rep your team and favorite players boldly
  • Track and showcase your progress with flex-worthy displays
  • Identify the missing pieces to uplevel your collection

Been stocking up on hot Moments? Get ready to show off like never before - the new experience creates shareable displays you can send to friends with just the URL.

Not sure what to grab? The new interface is like a guided tour of your options, organized by team, player and series.

Rather than prescribing a specific way you should progress, this update is designed to help you find and determine a collecting path that suits you.

It’s a complement to - rather than a replacement for - other ways you’ve tracked progress in the past, such as through set pages. We know sports collecting is a personal experience - every fan does it a little differently, with unique approaches that help them express their love of the game.

Whether it’s maxing out your favorite team, stocking up on your favorite player, or hammering away at your favorite series, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment through any journey you choose.

  • Track your progress in collecting your favorite teams and see how you stack up with other collectors
  • Easily explore the most thrilling Moments of Series 1 (2021), 2 (2022) and Historical
  • Spot the grails you need to cement your status in the digital world of NFL fandom

It represents a starting point for a continued focus on bringing fans more ways to sort their Moments, explore the rich catalog of NFL ALL DAY and build a collection they’re proud of.

Click to dive in now!