Over this past weekend, it was brought to our attention that a collector took advantage of an exploit during the LA Rams Team NFT Drop. Our fraud and security teams have performed a thorough investigation, and we can confirm no other Team NFT drop was impacted. In addition, we can confirm no NFL ALL DAY Moment pack drops were impacted.

We can also confirm the bug that allowed this exploit has been identified and fixed, and all accounts linked to this user have been frozen. Team NFT drops are fulfilled by a third party, which is different to what the NFL ALL DAY core product uses. Though no other Team NFT drop was impacted, out of an abundance of caution, we’re pausing Team NFT drops indefinitely.

Ensuring the integrity of our pack drops is critically important to us and we take this obligation to all of you incredibly seriously. To do right by you in this instance, we'll be providing two solutions:

Those who bought and still hold a LA Rams Team NFT:

We will be introducing a return opportunity for all those who minted and continue to hold any LA Rams Team NFTs. We’re giving collectors the option to burn their LA Rams Team NFT and receive 100% of the initial mint price of the NFT.  

Those who bought and sold a LA Rams Team NFT:

If a collector sold it at or above mint price, they will receive no credit or return option. If a collector sold it at less than mint price, they will automatically receive the difference between the sales price and the mint price. No action is needed. Payments will be dispersed by November 15, 2022. This does not count for sales after 6:30pm PST on 10/11/22.

Only collectors who purchased the team NFTs through the original drop on August, 12, 2022 are eligible.

Eligible collectors will receive an email within the next 48 hours with further instructions. Collectors will have until October 21st at 11:59pm ET to follow the instructions contained in the email to burn their LA Rams Team NFT in exchange for a full refund in a non-withdrawable Dapper Balance. Once a collector submits this form for the refund, they must maintain ownership of the NFT and have it not listed on the Marketplace. All payouts will be dispersed by November 15, 2022.

We greatly appreciate the community’s support in identifying this particular issue. In the coming days, we’ll be evaluating and improving our process for receiving community reports on these types of issues.