This NFL offseason has been loaded with the most exciting storylines we’ve ever seen. 

We have NFL superstars like Russell Wilson, Davante Adams, Tyreek Hill, Von Miller and Khalil Mack in new locations. And the NFL Draft is less than a month away. 

That said, NFL ALL DAY is still in its pre-launch phase –– and although over 100,000 fans are already involved, we have a lot in the works before we’re ready to open the gates to all NFL fans. 

In the meantime, here’s an update on what to expect in the coming weeks in terms of content –– new fans can sign up on to get early access before we launch.

The NFL ALL DAY marketplace is already an exciting place, with deals to be had on superstars from Tom Brady to Joe Burrow

As a reminder, there are three tiers of NFL ALL DAY NFTs on the marketplace today. During the first months of NFL ALL DAY, we announced maximum mint counts (number of total Moments minted) by tier for Series 1.

Today, as a benefit for fans collecting before our full public launch, we are informing you that our total Series 1 mint counts will be significantly lower than our initial promises, including a new maximum of only 7,000 minted Legendary-tier Moments for Series 1 (well below our initial scarcity promise of less than 10k).

A quick primer on our rarity tiers in Series 1:

  • Legendary: Super limited edition, ranging from /29 to /59 (~0.2% of all Moments Minted)
    Very limited, ranging from /499 to /1200 (~8% or less of all Moments minted)
  • Common: Limited edition, ranging from /6000 to /10000

Don’t want to wait until our next pack drop to get your hands on these extremely limited Moments? Hit the marketplace now.  

NFL ALL DAY is building the future of fandom, where you get rewards just for being part of the community. We’re rewarding our early-access community in style this offseason, including airdrops for shopping on the marketplace and building your collection from the epic 2021 season. Additionally, there will be “in real life” benefits including athlete meet-and-greets, tentpole events throughout the year, as well as some special surprises and experiences on the way with the reigning Super Bowl champs. More details to come soon!

Over the course of the offseason, remaining uncirculating Common Moments from Weeks 13-18 (all from already-circulating Moment editions) will be distributed back to the community through rewards based on a number of factors, such as marketplace activity, with some set aside for us to bring new fans into the NFL ALL DAY experience down the line. 

On Friday, April 8, we’re excited to look back at the memorable Super Wild Card Weekend and give you another chance at one of just 17,000 packs held back from earlier in the pre-launch period.

These packs feature iconic NFL ALL DAY Moments, including two of the three highest-selling Moments on the marketplace by average sales price: Patrick Mahomes’ first Legendary-tier Moment (the No. 15 serial of this edition recently sold for $30,000) and Josh Allen’s first Legendary-tier Moment (the No. 17 serial sold for $50,000).

In order for Series 1 to capture all of the excitement from the 2021 NFL season— and to unlock new kinds of Moment gameplay in the future— NFL ALL DAY will drop three Series 1 Rewind packs in the coming months, featuring the best plays and performances of Weeks 1-12 – which came before the closed beta began in Week 13.

These Rewind packs will feature long-awaited NFL ALL DAY Debuts from some of the league's biggest stars including 2020 NFL Rushing Champ Derrick Henry and 2019 NFL MVP Lamar Jackson.

To be clear: No player that already has an S1 Common Moment will receive an additional Common Moment as part of Rewind packs. We are excited to highlight a new crew of athletes who will also bring their fans into NFL ALL DAY!

Our next drop after the Super Wild Card Weekend “Replay” will be taking a step away from Series 1 and starting our Historical Series, headlined by one of the game’s all-time greats, Brett Favre, and including the first Ultimate-tier Moment ever released on NFL ALL DAY.

The three-time MVP will be joined in the drop by some absolute legends of the gridiron:

  • Former Defensive Player of the Year Brian Urlacher taking an INT 85 yards to the house
  • The late great former MVP Steve McNair escaping the pocket and scrambling for a touchdown
  • All-Pro highlight machine Randall Cunningham escaping a sack in the end zone and launching the ball deep for a 95-yard touchdown, one of the NFL’s 100 Greatest Plays
  • The Minister of Defense, Reggie White, causing havoc in his classic kelly green Eagles uniform
  • 3-time All-Pro Marvin Harrison making an acrobatic juggling catch in the end zone 
  • Former MVP and Super Bowl MVP Terrell Davis darting through a hole and breaking the longest run of his transcendent rookie season
  • One of the greatest wideouts in history, Cris Carter, making an unbelievable one-handed catch up against the sideline
  • 11-time Pro Bowler Derrick Brooks darting into the backfield for a momentous strip sack
  • Former MVP and dynamic backfield threat Thurman Thomas shaking tackle after tackle before reversing field and weaving his way through the defense for a touchdown
  • All-Pro wideout Antonio Freeman making one of the NFL’s 100 Greatest Plays, a stunning catch of a Favre pass followed by an alert dash into the end zone for a walkoff overtime touchdown
  • Former MVP and OPOY Shaun Alexander shaking defenders, using a stiff-arm and diving for a touchdown in a huge performance to lead Seattle to a win
  • All-Pro signal caller Daunte Culpepper pump-faking, firing a gorgeous deep ball on the money for a 53-yard touchdown, and capping it with his signature “roll” celebration
  • Beloved former ball carrier Ricky Williams taking a toss and exploding through the defense for a 68-yard touchdown, the longest of his career

And more of the game’s former greats! More details and info to come.