Want to wake up to a Reward pack on December 25?

‘Tis the season of giving - and we’re making it fun to share the joy of NFL ALL DAY with your friends and family.

From now through Dec. 24, create gift packs using your collection and gift them to new NFL fans not on NFL ALL DAY yet.

If they claim the pack before 8 PM ET on Dec. 24, you’ll each get a 1-Moment Reward pack delivered to you on Dec. 25 - with a chance at a Rare or Legendary pull!

Click here to get started now!


1. How many times can a collector complete the Gift a Pack, Get a Pack promotion?

Each fan can earn up to 10 Reward packs through this promotion - however, it can only be done once per new collector. (EDITED DEC. 22, 7:30 PM ET to reflect maximum of 10 reward packs rather than 5)

Sending gift packs to the same person multiple times will not allow you to receive multiple reward packs - to receive multiple reward packs, you must gift packs to multiple new collectors.

Note that this offer is only applicable for new collector referrals.

2. What defines a new collector?

Any fan who either does not have an NFL ALL DAY account and creates one to claim the pack - or has an account but has not yet made any purchase on the platform. Purchases include NFL ALL DAY Packs, Moments or Team NFTs.

3. Will the new account need to verify their identity before they can claim the gifted pack?

No, identity checks will not be required to claim a pack as a new or existing account.

We take issues of multi-accounting seriously - our Fraud team will have a careful eye on the promotion and investigate any suspicious activity.

4. How are the reward Packs distributed?

Rewards will be distributed by 12 PM ET on Dec. 25.

We will be taking a data pull on Dec. 24, 2023, at 8 PM ET of all gift packs claimed by new fans and delivering reward packs to all who completed the promotion.

5. What happens to my Moments when I create a pack?

When you create a pack to gift to a friend, any listed Moments will be delisted from the marketplace and any Moments in the pack will no longer be visible in your collection.

If you are using a Moment in a Challenge at the time you add it to the gift pack, it will be removed from use for the Challenge - and you will need to replace with another Moment.

6. Is there a way to cancel a pack that I created but no longer want to gift?

If a collector no longer wishes to gift the pack to another collector, they can use the link generated to redeem the pack themselves and reclaim the Moments inside the pack. However, if they share the link and it is claimed before they can reclaim it, they will not be able to get the pack/Moments back.

7. Can a pack that I created be sold on the NFL ALL DAY Marketplace?

Gift packs will not be available to sell on the NFLAD pack Marketplace. 

8. What if multiple collectors gift a pack to the same person? Which collector receives the pack reward?

Whichever collector’s pack was claimed first by the new account will be the one that receives the reward (while supplies last). 

9. Is there a way to view the links of packs that I have created?

Collectors can view the links to the packs they have created by going to their “My Collection” tab and selecting “My Gift Pack Links."