The season starts tonight, and NFL ALL DAY is going all-out for Kickoff.

NFL ALL DAY is all about leveling up your experience as a football fan, and we’re doing just that ahead of tonight’s Rams-Bills matchup, with our first-ever exclusive NFL ALL DAY Tailgate. We’ll have 80 collectors (and their plus-ones) joining us at SoFi Stadium for a celebration of the new season.

With free food and beverage, plus the chance to mingle with other collectors, NFL ALL DAY staff and a Rams Legend, the tailgate event is just the start of an incredible season on NFL ALL DAY. Stay tuned for more exciting events throughout the year!

A portion of the collectors in attendance will be fans who’ve received tickets to the game through various NFL ALL DAY activations: from giveaways based on queue participation throughout our closed-beta period or ownership of Rams Team NFTs to our new-signup sweepstakes after launching to all NFL fans.

The rest will be NFL ALL DAY fans who were already attending the Kickoff game and RSVP’d to level up their experience with our epic tailgate event.

Want to make sure you don’t miss out on all the excitement ahead with NFL ALL DAY? Get in the marketplace today to start building an incredible collection of NFL Moments, plus follow us on our social channels and join the Discord for all the latest updates!