We wanted to provide a few fun details about the product for everyone on the waitlist as we move closer to closed beta launch.


Every collectible on NFL ALL DAY will belong to a set. Many will belong to one of our three core sets. Base is the Common core set, Locked In is the Rare core set, and Iconic is the Legendary core set.

However, some collectibles will belong to Special Edition Sets. These are an editorial distinction built into the collectible to set it apart from others based on that highlight’s various qualities. For example, Afterburners is one of our rare special edition sets for when guys turn on the jets, and Hoodwinked is a legendary special edition set for the best trick plays. We’ll be sharing all of the Special Edition Sets very soon.


While most Moment™ Collectibles will have a single NFL highlight, there will be some cases where a collectible will be a compilation of more than one play. These can come in player form (i.e. a player gets multiple sacks in a game and one collectible contains a video melt of all of them) or in team form (i.e. a team has an amazing drive in the final 2min of a game and we string several of those plays together into one video melt).