The defining drive of an MVP season for Steve McNair.

An unforgettable workhorse playoff performance from Thurman Thomas.

And an electric length-of-the-field return by Derrick Brooks.

Three incredible Moments from three all-time greats that will serve as the focus of our next Crafting Challenges – which allow fans to use their collection to secure hot, newly-released Moments right when they hit NFL ALL DAY. (Moments displayed below as Rares but will be categorized into tiers based on the number of completions)

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Steve McNair

Thurman Thomas

Derrick Brooks


Steve McNair
Date: Dec. 21, 2003
Week 16 @ Houston


The defining drive of Steve McNair’s 2003 MVP season came in Week 16 against the Texans – with his team trailing by four points and under two minutes to play.

Battling a cracked bone spur in his left ankle and a right calf injury, McNair led the Titans down the field and to the edge of the red zone.

That’s where the drive appeared to stall. After a spike to stop the clock, two incompletions had Tennessee staring down a 4th and 10 with the game — and a playoff berth – on the line.

Standing in the spotlight, McNair delivered. He dropped back to pass and looked left, lofting a perfect ball to the back corner of the end zone for the 24-yard score to give the Titans the lead with just 0:17 to play. A Titans interception sealed the win on the next drive, vaulting Tennessee into the playoffs.

Thurman Thomas
Date: Jan 23, 1994
AFC Championship vs. Kansas City


On a cold, rainy, 22-degree day in Buffalo, only the Chiefs stood between the Bills and their fourth straight Super Bowl appearance.

Thurman Thomas was the engine of the Buffalo offense, carrying the ball 33 times for 186 yards and three touchdowns, with another two catches for 22 yards to bring his total to 208 yards in the game. 

His fourth-quarter touchdown put the game out of reach and vaulted the Bills into the Super Bowl. 

Derrick Brooks
Date: Sep 15, 2002
Week 2 @ Baltimore


The Tampa Bay defense was looking to preserve a shutout, with Baltimore pushing inside the red zone. That’s when Derrick Brooks stepped up, tipping the ball to himself and pulling it in for the interception. And he was just getting started.

He motored past one would-be tackler and there was nothing but open space ahead of him. The 97-yard interception return for a score was the longest play of Brooks’ career. It put an exclamation point on a dominant defensive performance for Tampa Bay, allowing just 173 total yards to the Ravens in a 25-0 Buccaneers victory.


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