The best community in football deserves a forum to chat with us, ask questions, and better understand our goals, intentions, and thoughts around the season.

Keeping a two-way dialogue with our community is a major area of improvement for our team.

As such, we’re excited to kick off our first mailbag. These will come regularly from our team going forward as we look to provide context and better clarity around our goals, plans, and hopes for NFL ALL DAY going forward.

What were some of the learnings for the NFL ALL DAY team from the early-season Dynamic drops and how will they inform future Moment and pack releases?

We’re always focused on putting out the best collectibles possible, and dynamic Moments were a fun new offering to align with the course of the NFL season. 

It was great to see the excitement from fans around grabbing their favorite players heading into the season and staking their claim to the best highlights to come, and it has continued to be fun to watch the evolutions of the season’s brightest stars - with exciting marketplace activity for top rookies and surging award candidates.

That said, we were able to take away many important learnings that will help inform future releases:

  • With our high-end collecting experience as a major point of emphasis, we’ll need to be extremely cautious going forward about our treatment of the highest rarity tiers. We will work to better serve our high-end collectors who want the Legendary tier to include deserving Moments from star players.
  • As we’ve already shown with some of our most recent high-end drops, we’re more focused on ensuring that when we drop exciting new collectibles, we incorporate utility for Moments already held by collectors. This could be in the form of Burn Playbooks to earn new packs or through other mechanisms you may have seen used on other Dapper collectible products.
  • Releasing a higher percent of the Moments for new editions at the outset could have helped create greater collecting confidence - though we have stuck to our promise of a slow trickle for the dynamic Moments initially released at the beginning of the season, we made this adjustment for the new Moments in our midseason dynamic drop and have quickly seen exciting action and strategy unfold in the marketplace. We hope collectors will feel similar excitement as fuller supply for all dynamic Moments is distributed this season.

An early season blog mentioned a new plan for Commons in the 2023 regular season, including uncapped mint counts and the ability to craft for different, more exclusive colors. Recently, a blog mentioned NFL ALL DAY would no longer be enacting this plan for Common Moments. Is there any new information to share regarding Common Moments?

At the beginning of the season, we communicated a new spin on Common Moments for the 2023 season that would have featured top players from each team in an array of color-coded collectibles without serial numbers or pre-set mint counts.

Based on a variety of factors, including community feedback, our plan for Common Moments has changed. As fans have seen in our recently-introduced team packs, Common Moments for the regular season will now come with capped mint counts and feature serial numbers, just as they did in previous series. There will be no color-coded crafting for these Commons at this time.

Even with these adjustments, our previously stated goals for 2023 Common Moments remain - we want to create more equal opportunities for collecting across the 32 teams and allow for a more fun, accessible introduction to NFL ALL DAY. We think using Commons in team-specific offerings help us to move toward these goals and leverage new marketing tactics without the need for the changes we’d previously planned for.

Last season, collectors were sent to NFL games because of collecting on NFL ALL DAY. Can the community expect to see collectors go to games this year?

Yes! With the recent conclusion of our Playbook Leaderboards, we had many incredible NFL fan prizes on the line, including game tickets, signed merch, and more.

Over the past month, we’ve also given out tickets to random winners among collectors who reach the 100-yard mark in our All-Pro Playbook, and you can expect more tickets to be given out through various routes going forward.

NFL ALL DAY made an announcement recently that any unsold packs from the Momentum drop would be vaulted for a minimum of 10 years. What does this mean and how many packs were vaulted?

We announced that “Any unsold packs (Momentum packs) remaining Thursday (Nov 2nd) will not be distributed in any way for at least 10 years - if at all.”

There were 1,157 unsold Premium Momentum packs that will not be distributed for 10 years - if at all. These Premium packs contain 8 Moments each, including 7 guaranteed Uncommon Move the Chains or Make the Stop Moments with the 8th Moment being an Uncommon, Rare or Legendary.

There were 7,798 unsold Standard Momentum packs that will not be distributed for 10 years - if at all. These Standard packs contain 3 Moments each, including at least 1 guaranteed Uncommon Move the Chains or Make the Stop Moment - with a chance at a Rare or Legendary Moment.

The Moments from these packs will not be released in that time, nor will the packs be deconstructed as a loophole.

Earlier this season, a Playbook had a mint-to-completion historical Moment as a reward. The Historical curation rules released last season did not include a rule regarding mint-to-completion reward Moments. What are the curation rules for Historical Moments that are earned as mint-to-completion reward Moments? 

Our previously communicated Historical curation rules can be found here.

We have updated the rules to clarify that any mint-to-completion Playbook rewards count towards the previously communicated rule around crafted reward Moments - no player can receive more than one Historical crafting reward Moment within a 5-year period.

In other words, no player can receive more than a combined total of 1 Historical Crafting Challenge reward or Playbook mint-to-completion reward within a 5 year period.

Thank you for reading. If you have additional questions, let us know by emailing for the next edition of this mailbag.