Nine catches.

152 yards.

Three touchdowns.

As part of one of the most incredible playoff runs ever by a player, Larry Fitzgerald took over the 2008 NFC Championship to send the Cardinals to Super Bowl XLIII.

Now some of his top fans on NFL ALL DAY - and other collectors of our Historical Series - will have a chance to use their collections and craft a new Moment featuring Fitzgerald's incredible Championship performance.

WHAT IS CRAFTING? Crafting allows collectors to take multiple Moments from their collection and burn them in exchange for a new Moment. Click here to learn more.

The Challenge will be available for fans who, at 11 AM ET on Thurs., Jan. 26, either:

  • Owned the Historical Legendary Larry Fitzgerald “Against the Clock” Moment
  • Owned the entire “Setting the Bar” Historical Set
  • Owned the entire “Highwire” Historical Set

Check here for the list of eligible fans.


To memorialize Larry's epic pass-catching performance vs. Philly, we've designed a Crafting recipe to match.

To earn the new Moment, you'll need to submit and burn:

  • 1 Larry Fitzgerald Gridiron Moment
  • 1 Historical Moment with “WR” as the Position
  • 1 Historical Moment with “Arizona Cardinals” as the designated team (does not have to be a Team Moment)
  • 1 Rare Historical Moment with “Philadelphia Eagles” as the designated team (does not have to be a Team Moment)
  • 1 Rare Historical Moment with the play type “Player Melt”

If you're eligible for the Challenge, click here to get started!


As our Historical Moments will be grouped into Series based on the calendar year in which they're released, this new Moment will be the first in our "Historical 2" Series. More details coming soon.

It will land in the "Legacy" set, which is home to Historical Moments released through Crafting Challenges and other activations with variable mint counts.

The new Fitzgerald Moment will be placed in a rarity tier depending on the number of completions. The Legacy set for Historical 2 will use  the following updated mint counts for rarity tiers:

  • Ultimate: 1-10
  • Legendary: 11-99
  • Rare: 100-999
  • Common: 1000+